Muddi 15 – Portable cleaner


We’ve all been there, you drive somewhere new for a lovely walk but on the way back your dogs find the muddiest, smelliest puddle. Then you’ve got two stinking dogs threatening to re decorate the interior of your car. The Muddi 15 is a portable rinse unit powered by a 12v car outlet, holding 15 litres of water simply plug it in and wash away the dirt.



The Muddi 15 can be filled with water up to 60°c & will keep its temperature for a couple of hours whilst you’re out walking. 15 litres just about cleaned all of the dirt off of both of my dogs, if you only have one dog then the whole tank will do a thorough clean. If by some miracle your dogs come back clean then the Muddi can be used on dirty Wellingtons, prams, bikes or beach gear. You can take it away camping or use it to cool down your horses in the summer.


When full of water it is very heavy to lift by yourself, however once you’ve carried it to your car and it is secure with the extra straps you won’t need to move it before you plug it in to use.

There is a 5m hose pipe coiled up and tucked in a compartment at the base of the unit, the nozzle on the end enables you to adjust the pressure settings of the water. No batteries are needed and there’s no pumping involved. Simply plug it in and you’re away.


This is a lifesaver for me in the Winter as my two are just Mud obsessed! However this can also be used in the summer to cool down the dogs after a walk in the hot weather. As I work outdoors this is a great tool to clean down my boots and the dogs when they’re muddy. Especially this time of year! [Daily showers are a regular occurrence for the dogs in 2018].

The Muddi 15 is £99.99 with free delivery in the UK. You can buy it here.


Thanks for reading,

Megan, Woody & Wilma

3 thoughts on “Muddi 15 – Portable cleaner

  1. This looks amazing as Angus and Eddie are mud monster’s. I need one of these in my life. Would be perfect for the campervan!


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