Spaniel Proof : Microfibre Dog Towels

Every Spaniel owner, and probably most dog owners will have a soggy dog problem every so often. Either regular swimming trips in the summer [or all year round in Woody’s case] to keep cool or the post muddy walk [daily] showers in the winter to solve the continuing muddy feet.


I seem to have a continuing cycle of towels and drying clothes for the dogs on and off the radiators in between walks. Drying the dogs off when they’re wet is very important in this cold winter weather. Not only does it prevent every piece of furniture having damp dog shapes on, but your dogs are relying on you to warm them up rather than leaving them cold and wet which could lead to illness.


You might have heard of Paws and Presto over on Instagram (@paws_presto), they’re soon to launch their own site in March with a range of pet products – a few are already for sale on Amazon here. They sent over two of their new Microfibre dog towels to put it to the true Spaniel Proof test. At first glance I noticed just how soft these towels are! If you didn’t want to use them as towels my dogs would be quite happy snuggled up in these as blankets.


What makes Microfibre towels so special? Compared to ordinary old bath towels which my dogs usually get as hand me downs, microfibre towels absorb more water and repel the dirt. Absolutely perfect for two muddy spaniels after their post walk shower [Which are a daily occurrence in this weather!]


During the Winter the towels are great for warming up the dogs and drying them off after a shower, but they can also be used in the Summer. As much as daily showers are a routine at the minute, in the Summer then dogs go for daily swims to keep cool. A quick rub down means two dry and happy spaniels to go back in the house or in the car to go home.


Because they’re microfibre it’s even quicker and easier to dry them off. For short coated breeds like Woody you can rub them down quite hard with the towels, But remember for longer fluffy breeds like Wilma rubbing their coat will only matt them. Instead squeeze them like a sponge, the towels will still absorb the water just as well.


So where can you get your paws on these fantastic towels? At the minute they come in two colours, Brown & Grey, both practical for wet and dirt. They are only £15 on Amazon at the minute – click here to buy them.


Thanks for reading,

Megan, Woody & Wilma



This blog post is sponsored by Paws & Presto but all thoughts and opinions are my own.



  1. Looks and sounds great!


    1. They are! Head on over to amazon to buy them 🐾


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