Archie’s Of Cheltenham – Dog Outfitters

*Edit March 2021*

I’m coming to this post just over two years later to update you with the recent news. Due to Covid-19 the Archie’s store has unfortunately had to close for most of the past year. However they have just launched a brand NEW website for you to shop on wherever you are in the UK!

It’s full of amazing products that have been tried and tested on their dogs Archie, Alice and Norman. I’d love for you to have a look here –

Archie’s Of Cheltenham is a brand new Dog outfitters downstairs full of luxury dog accessories. With more and more dog boutiques popping up across the country we felt quite left out with none near us…well until now!


Archie’s is based in Cheltenham on Montpellier Street & it is more beautiful than you can imagine! Owner Jess & her family have been hard at work refurbishing the shop to its gorgeous interior. Upstairs is the Coffee & food counter with a large seating area. They serve cold foods like salads and sandwiches so it’s the perfect spot to pop in for lunch whilst you’re working in Cheltenham. As well as coffee and an extensive range of teas & cold drinks with delicious cakes & ice cream.

There’s even more seating downstairs with all the dog accessories you could need! A few of the stockists are Mutts & Hounds, Ivy & Duke & lovely soaps and shampoos from The Dog & I.

Whilst you’re sat in the cafe you can put down an Ivy and Duke mat on the floor for your dogs. What a wonderful idea, and it’s a great way to test them out as well as keeping your dogs comfy whilst you drink. All the tables also have hand sanitiser available, keeping everything hygienic with the combination of dog cuddling and food.


So Jess and her family have three gorgeous dogs who helped inspire the shop. They are Archie, Norman & Alice. If you’re lucky you’ll see Archie – the LabradorĀ [Who the shop is named after]Ā & Norman – the dachshund in the shop whilst you visit. Alice is a lot happier in her own home but she is a lovely Boxer. I had a photoshoot with Archie & Norman & you’ll see my images of them up on the wall insideĀ [I’d love to hear if you spot them, so send me aĀ photo!].Ā You can see more of my work here.


Archie’s is open every day but Sundays and Mondays, so if you’re travelling from afar just to visitĀ [Which you absolutely should] make sure you don’t arrive for them to be closed. Their opening hours may have changed since this post was published so best to double check on their Facebook page. There’s plenty of pay and display on street parking around the shop & you can walk around Cheltenham afterwards to explore.

Thanks for reading,

Megan, Woody & Wilma


  1. We loved the mats and the hand sanitzer on the tables- such a great idea. Lovely to see the Ivy & Duke beds to buy too, everyone always asks about seeing them, so will be great to point them in Archie’s direction.
    Love From Steph, Sev & Lily


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