Finding temporary jobs due to the Corona Virus

Unfortunately the world is a strange place at the minute, and for many people it has meant the the loss of jobs and businesses due to having to shut because of the government guidelines. If you’ve no longer got a regular income there are lots of temporary jobs being advertised to help support the country during this crisis.

I’ve put together a list of places hiring temporary staff and will continue to add to it as I hear of more.

NHS – Gloucester and Cheltenham specific but these will be all over the country, healthcare experience is handy but they’ll be desperate soon for porters etc.

Waitrose – Supermarket Assistant’s and drivers needed.

Tesco –

Sainsbury’s –

Lidl –

Aldi –

Asda –

If you’re in a situation where you’re fortunate to not need to work temporarily why not cook or bake for key workers. I’ll be sending lots of cakes in with my family members that work in the NHS for their teams to enjoy. Also remember to look out for your neighbours, deliver food and prescriptions if they’re self isolating or phone them up and have a conversation, this will be a very lonely time for some people.

This won’t last forever, once it’s over I would love to help your business grow. I’m offering discounted commercial Photoshoots on . Or free 1-1 social media and marketing advice over the phone or video call currently whilst we all have more time on our hands.

Thanks for reading and keep safe,

Megan, Woody & Wilma

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