We need to do more…

This is a different blog post to usual, but I feel that it is really important I need to share resources online to educate ourselves and help others. I explained on Instagram what I was thinking and I hope you’re able to find the time to read these pieces I’m going to link and sign every petition. By sharing them here I hope they can be all in one place and you’re able to click on every single piece.


Justice for Jennifer Jeffley

Justice for George Floyd – 1


Justice for Breonna Taylor


Justice for Tamir Rice

Justice For Joāo Pedro

Justice for David McAtee

Justice for Belly Mujinga.

To sign these petitions you also need to click confirm signature in an email, otherwise your efforts won’t count.

Unfortunately this is just a handful of the petitions, there are so many shared on social media, in particularly Twitter and Instagram so please search outside of your bubble and find them.

There are new websites popping up full of threads and information you can look at to learn and donate:




Amy the human behind @sillytillypoodle has put together a Spotify playlist of podcasts about black experiences in the UK as well as racism. You can easily listen to these in the car or whilst you’re at home – https://open.spotify.com/playlist/7CRhOzOKGtOAceGm8BT0xV?si=0bqTdDy6R3eAn6I12M9WiA

IGTV has also had some really good videos shared for us to educate ourselves and try to understand how the Black community feel.

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guys, I made this video to remind you that we have been talking about the racism that we experience FOR YEARS. In 2018 @lpeopleswagner wrote a whole article interviewing over 100 black people in fashion about the daily racism that we see. Nothing changed. THIS YEAR I told you guys that the real real let a white woman host a black history month panel and then went back and forth with me to defend their actions. I showed you that the editorialist produced a whole Mother’s Day tribute and included no one black. And you all likeD and shared it and THANKED THEM for including you. YOU SAW NOTHING WRONG WITH IT. That’s when we needed your “allyship”. What are you going to do in the next few days weeks and months? We are begging not to be killed, yes, as that is the most EXTREME thing that can happen but I have been asking for you all to not be shitty racists for the last 4 years of my life. All is that other stuff, that escalates to killing. And you all ignore it. You don’t help when BOF throws a fucked up party and you say nothing, when you say that someone is only included in something because they are Black, that’s racist. You are not helping when you could be. So great job posting on Instagram. I am personally having some really uncomfortable conversations in my personal life but I am also willing to cut people out of it because I am ok NOW but I haven’t been ok for years when I’ve been trying to navigate working and living in this industry with the way you guys have been behaving. So WHITE WOMEN fix it. Fix yourselves. Realize that your micro aggressions are the problem. Talk to your children. Find them some Black friends. SHOW me you care instead of telling me. I am hoarse from screaming. We have been telling you guys this for years. YEARS. I’m glad you decided to wake up but now get out of bed and do something. And for the love of god stop giving people a follow if they don’t deserve it.

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Link in bio.

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@claraamfo "And I say that with my chest."

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I am definitely not the one to advise what you should read or do, but I’m taking this time to educate myself and support in any way I can; whether that’s signing petitions, donating money or sharing the word.

If you don’t agree with any of the links or information I have shared, please unfollow me on all my accounts, you’re not the kind of person I’d like to know and we certainly won’t miss you.

Thank you for reading,


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