With two incredibly active spaniels I’m always on the look out for accessories that will keep them safe when we’re out and about. So we are delighted to be working with FinNero [A Finnish based company] to put their products to the test.


The girls from FinNero kindly recommended the best products for us, so here’s what they chose:

For Woody a RATIA 8-shape harness in Red. I don’t often have Woody in harnesses, mainly due to him being off lead most of the time, but this makes me definitely want to use harnesses on him more. Now that we travel a lot more it will be a perfect addition to the collection to make sure he is secure and comfortable in new places.



Another bonus is the harness has reflective bands all over, so you’re bound to be visible on late night walks or as the evenings grow darker.


Wilma received a OCEAN SPORT Y-harness in Fuchsia. I much prefer walking Wilma on a harness rather than a lead straight onto her collar. To me she seems so tiny so I don’t like her pulling against her delicate neck so having the tension around her chest is a much better idea.



I love that both the harnesses are padded, so not only are they safe and secure but they’re comfortable for the dogs to wear as well. I can’t wait to use these harnesses at our agility shows as both dogs get extremely excited in the high intensity atmosphere & harnesses are a much better option to collars whilst competing.


Both harnesses came with matching leads, one thing I would say is that the leads were extremely long! Perfect if you don’t let your dog off lead, but a bit tricky if you’re in a town where your dogs need to be on a shorter lead for safety. Wilma’s could be adjusted slightly shorter, but Woody’s couldn’t. Wilma’s lead also had a padded handle which was so comfortable to hold, Woody’s didn’t but I believe it is now available.

Woody’s lead
And Wilma’s lead

Another little extra we were sent was the Gagga bag holder, this was a simple poo bag holder. Even better was that it had two fastenings onto the lead so it doesn’t dangle or bounce around which is a real pet peeve of mine!


Being based in Finland you can’t buy their products directly from the FinNero site, but you can read all about them in detail. To purchase them in the UK there are some available on Amazon. They’re also on the lookout for more UK stockists so just get in touch with FinNero if you think you can help!


We hope you’ve enjoyed our Spaniel Proof review of these accessories. FinNero will be at Discover Dogs in October 2017 & Crufts 2018, why not go and say hello!

Thank you for reading,

Megan, Woody & Wilma.

This is a sponsored blog post, but all opinions and thoughts are my own.


  1. Teagan says:

    They look like very nice harnesses and leads! I think I like the style of Woody’s harness but the pattern of Wilma’s! The little Gagga bag is very cute and we know just what you mean about things dangling off the lead, they’re so annoying, so it’s good that it’s fixed firmly on the lead. Mum’s thinking it might be good to put a key in and maybe some tissues as well as a few poop bags.
    It’s a bit scary when you click on a link and get taken to the Finnish website!
    Woofs xx


    1. So glad someone else understands how annoying a dangling poo bag is! Would be perfect to squeeze in those extra essentials. Oh no there should be an English version of the site too that I’m viewing?
      Thank you so much for reading!


      1. Teagan says:

        It’s okay I did see the English version but it went to the Finnish one when I clicked on the picture of the Gagga bags.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. These are so gorgeous. The design of Wilma’s suits her so much. Really hope they come to the UK and find some stockists soon, I reckon they’ll be a big hit over here.
    Elly & Fudge x


    1. It would be brilliant if they had more products on their amazon page. Hopefully they’re working on it! Thank you so much for commenting 💕

      Liked by 1 person

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