Dog walking bag

IMG_6260If you follow our adventures you’ll know that we are a huge fan of The Cosy Canine Company. Lottie [The human] makes gorgeous products for you and your dogs in a variety of oilcloth patterns, we’ve got both the crate cover and poo bag holder.

So when ‘The dog walking bag’ was announced I just loved the sound of it, and even better that it’s handmade in the UK. Both our crate cover and poo bag holder are in the pink and white spotted print, so we just had to have the bag to match!


I always take a bag out with me on a walk. More often than not I’m out photographing the dogs so need my hands free and somewhere to keep everything handy. Inside I can keep the leads, treats, the emergency tennis ball [I’m I the only one who has one of these?] and any other accessories & products that we’re photographing.  The main pocket is closed with a flap so you can easily grab something without the hassle of a zip. Poo bags have a cute little pocket on the front, with a hole for you to easily pull one out when needed. On the back is a buttoned pocket, this is where I can put any valuables like my phone and keys without the worry of them falling out when pulling out a lead.


If you haven’t spotted my favourite feature, The Cosy Canine Company now offer personalisation on their products. From crate covers to poo bag holders, you can have your dog’s names embroidered onto them. No more getting confused over which crate is which! On the front of our bag is ‘Woody & Wilma’, now everyone can know their name as we walk past.



I just absolutely love everything personalised & think it brings an extra special sparkle to any product. My house is full of personalised items & is also my go to present for someone. This bag would also make a great gift for a dog loving friend. Maybe even a christmas present for your favourite dog walker or groomer to say thank you for doing such a great job!.


The dog walking bag is available in all 6 polka dot patterns [Pink, Grey, pale Blue, denim Blue, Red and Beige], as well as the dog fabrics which you can easily request from Lottie. They are available on The Cosy Canine Company Etsy page for £39.95 plus shipping. [There’s a 10% off code at the bottom of this blog]



Of course Lottie can’t take all the credit for her gorgeous products, Cockapoos Baxter and Pickle are obviously a big help [If they’re anything like my two they’re probably not very helpful at all!] and we were lucky enough to meet them at Countryfile Live this year.


We’d absolutely love to see which bag you go for, and what would you have embroidered onto it? If you haven’t seen them already go and check out the other products over on The Cosy Canine Company, especially the Crate covers!

You can get 10% off this bag and everything else on their website with our code WOODYANDWILMA.

Megan, Woody & Wilma

This is a sponsored post, all opinions are my own.


  1. I really love this!
    Love the photo of you and Wilma out with it, it’s perfect xx
    Love From, Steph & The Spaniels


  2. Ellie and Amber says:

    I love this! Sounds like such a handy little bag.
    I’m also a sucker for personalised products. I can’t get enough of them! X


    1. I can just see one with Ambers name on! Just the tricky decision of which colour

      Liked by 1 person

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