Things to do in North Yorkshire

You may remember before Christmas we headed up to North Yorkshire for a dog friendly  stay with Holiday at Home where we stayed in one of their lakeside lodges. You can read about our stay in the blog post here. During our stay we had one full day to explore the beautiful Yorkshire countryside, so we thought we’d recommend a couple of things to do during your stay:


Millbry hill

Just two minutes down the road from our Lodge was the country store Millbry Hill. They had everything you could need for the perfect country adventure. From the best human clothing & accessories, to all the dog food and treats needed for a trip away. They also have a wonderful selection of dog accessories and bedding. You don’t have to be near their store to shop with them as it is all available online! Head on over to their website and have a browse.


Aysgarth Falls

North Yorkshire is full of the most stunning scenery but I just had to visit the waterfalls along the way. There were 3 different spots to visit the waterfalls all along a walk beside the river. Only one of the viewing points allowed you to actually get close to the water, so make sure your dogs are under control. The water is very fast flowing so don’t let your dogs get washed away! There’s something so peaceful about watching the water flow over these falls, despite it being so noisy.


The Leyburn Bolton Arms Pub

The route back from the waterfalls to Richmond we drove directly past a pub with a huge dog friendly sign outside, so we just had to check it out.  It certainly didn’t disappoint! With bandanas for the dogs behind the bar, a huge Instagram photo board & a dog sat beneath every table it was a very welcoming pub. The food was just as good, and i’d recommend anyone in the area to visit.


Have you been to North Yorkshire? We’d love to hear about where you visited – leave us a comment below!


Thanks for reading,

Megan, Woody & Wilma x


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