HiLife dog food – a wet food treat

There are so many varieties of dog food on the market, it’s just the challenge of finding the right food for you and your dog’s lifestyle. For some dogs wet food is best, they may be elderly , have problems chewing or just prefer a softer food but we tried out HiLife Dog food just to show you!


They sent us over ‘HiLife It’s only natural dog food’ – a new range of grain free dishes, all hand-prepared using 100% natural ingredients. They come in little sachets for you to open and use for each meal. However something that surprised me was ‘HiLife it’s only natural’ should only be fed 3-4 times a week as a treat. So it’s not actually a complete   diet for them but just a treat you can spoil them with so they have a little change in their diet every so often, or you could even add it in as a filler to their existing dog food.



In this hot weather it’s fun to create something cooling for the dogs to snack on, so we made these ice pots filled with ‘It’s only natural’ food.

  1. So you just need pots of some sort, with one sachet I split it between 3 pots covering the bottom with food.
  2. Then just top it up with water and pop it in the freezer.
  3. Once it’s frozen throughout take it out of the pot and give it to your dog, outdoors is better as it quickly melts.

They then either lick it until it’s gone or some go straight in and crunch it, whatever they choose it’s a great snack to cool them down.


The sachets come in a variety of flavours; 3 chicken options, a Jelly range, broth range, Sauce assortment, all with two different recipes. Then finally there’s the wholesome hamper which has 18 sachets of 6 different flavours – this is my favourite box as there’s such a great selection. Allergies in dogs are fairly common, so these are great for those that need grain free or soya free food.


You can buy all of these quick and easily on amazon, shop the flavours here.


Thanks for reading,

Megan, Woody & Wilma


  1. Teagan says:

    Ooh they look really yummy, a bit like the catfood mum buys that’s made in Thailand too, but maybe a bit expensive to feed too often! I’m a raw dog and there are occasions when mum forgets to take some food out to defrost for me so then I get a ‘McDonalds meal’, well, it’s not really McDonalds, she just calls it that. Usually it’s some posh kibble type stuff that she keeps for when we go out for the day and I have to eat my dinner in the pub with them, but a pouch would be a great alternative! Love the idea of freezing it in water – I get chicken lollies [necks or feet].
    It’s a tough life – keep up the good working ‘testing’ out food!!


    1. Oh yes we have that struggle too when the human forgets to defrost the raw 🙄

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