Can you RAW feed a puppy?

Getting a puppy comes with so much information you have to ask, which jabs have they had, how old are they etc, but also what do they eat? It’s advised that you carry on feeding the food the breeder gives you whilst they settle in, as you’ve brought them into a new home and environment and they need some continuity before they settle in.

Often the food they come with may not be for you. Existing dogs may be on a different brand or you just don’t like the ingredients of what they’ve arrived with. So over time you will change to whatever suits you, but why not switch them over to RAW to give them the best possible diet right from the start.


If you’re planning on having a litter yourself then have a think on what food to raise them on. Puppies can be weaned straight onto Raw from 3-4 weeks whilst still with mum. It’s then a great opportunity for the breeder to educate all the new owners on continuing the RAW diet & giving the pups the healthiest diet to grow up with. At first RAW may not be for them, especially if they’re a first time dog owner feeding RAW may seem a bit overwhelming. However feeding Cotswold RAW completes are so easy, just remembering to defrost the meat 24 hours before then weighing it out into the dogs bowls. Nothing extra needs to be added as it’s all included in there.


Something which a lot of dog trainers encourage is to use their dog food as treats. Training happens at all ages but you’re building their foundations as a puppy so treats are always around. Feeding their dinner whilst training keeps their mind busy but also uses less treats as they’re working for their dinner, something that isn’t as easy with RAW food. But you can find natural treats that go well alongside a RAW diet, or I also used cold pressed food as training treats. Something which my dogs love but I know is healthy for them and can be fed in addition to RAW.

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Puppies will need different levels of ingredients & nutrients to help them grow. The Cotswold RAW puppy food range is a complete and natural dog food diet for growing, working puppies. The Raw Puppy Range is based on the 80/20 recipe with the ideal energy density and calcium to phosphorous ratio for young puppies.

Obviously you will be feeding a puppy different amounts of food compared to the same adult dog. Cotswold RAW advise ‘2-3% of the puppy’s eventual adult bodyweight won’t be far off. If you’re not sure what this will be try 10% of his or her current weight. Observe and adjust as necessary.’ Remember also that this 2/3% is the amount of food per day, depending on the puppy’s age this may be split into 3 or 4 meals throughout the day, going down to 2 or 3 as they get older.


We held a poll on Facebook and Instagram asking our followers that RAW feed if they wish they’d started earlier, I certainly do. 8 years ago when Woody was a pup it wasn’t as easy and accessible to RAW feed as it is now, and when Wilma was younger I just didn’t know enough about it. Any future dogs I will certainly RAW feed them right from the start, or I will favour breeders that wean them onto RAW. 86% of people who answered our poll wished that they had started RAW feeding their dogs earlier.


Cotswold RAW have a website full of useful information and also have their puppy range for your dogs to switch over to. If you’ve got any questions about switching to RAW feeding then just get in contact with Cotswold RAW and they can give you the best advice.

Thanks of reading,

Megan, Woody & Wilma


Thank you to Cotswold RAW for working with us.

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