The best cooling coats for dogs

Summer has begun in the U.K. with the beautiful sunshine making an appearance, and with that comes the influx of messages to me asking which cooling coats I’d recommend. Cooling coats are something which you soak in water and then put on your dogs, they retain the moisture and when pressed against your dogs skin keeps them cool on hot days. There are so many on the market now as owners are realising the importance of keeping their dogs cool, but which are the best? How comfy are they and can the dogs move around easily whilst wearing them?

Over the years I have bought a whole range of cooling coats. In the summer I have them in the back of my car and in each bag in case the sun makes a sudden appearance and I’m not prepared. I’ve bought the really cheap ones to keep to a budget but also the more expensive ones which I believe you get what you paid for. Here are my go to cooling coats which I would take with me on a day out with the dogs. Obviously on really hot days it is safer for the dogs to be left at home so they don’t over heat. But even in the garden / house they need help keeping cool in the peak of the summer.

The main thing I look for in a cooling coat is that it covers the dogs chest and undercarriage. They all tend to go over the dogs back but the chest is the first thing I want to cool down, which they don’t all do.


Ruffwear Jet Stream Cooling Jacket


You may have seen this in a previous blog post all about Ruffwear and I still absolutely love it. It’s the thinnest and most lightweight I’ve found if that’s something you’re looking for. So it doesn’t weigh them down after it’s been soaked in water. Because it’s slightly thinner it may be that it dries out quicker but it’s easy to soak and mine have worn it all day long. This zips up after stepping into the legs and is tight on the dogs skin so has body contact all over for the ultimate cooling and doesn’t budge at all when the dogs are running around.


Woody wears a Small , this is £44.95.



B&M cooling coats –


B & M bring out their range of dog cooling products each summer. They’re cheap and cheerful so aren’t the toughest or longest lasting but they do the job.

They have the dog cooling harness which is handy as you can attach the lead whilst it’s keeping them cool on a walk. £4.99 for the harness or they do them as normal vests for £3.99 and you soak them in water just the same.

However you do have to go into the store rather than buy these online and you just have to hope they’re in stock. We don’t live anywhere near a B & M but I’ve had some dog products in the past and they’ve been good for a couple of months.


Hurtta Cooling Vest

I’ve heard good things about the Hurtta range so bought this one for Wilma to see what I thought and it is brilliant. It’s quite short and only goes around the chest, but is thick and padded which I think would be really comfy to wear. Wilma runs around just as normal as it feels just the same as a harness to her. Also because it’s thicker I think it would stay wet for longer & not dry out so fast. It has one simple zip up the back and is easy to step into so nothing going over their heads if they don’t like it.


Wilma wears a Medium, this is £31.99 .



Remember to keep your dogs cool this summer. No dog ever died from not being walked for a couple of days, so don’t take them out if you don’t need to.

Let us know your favourite cooling products & what you use with your dogs.


Thanks for reading,

Megan, Woody & Wilma

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