Stanton Waters Secure Woodland

Secure dog fields are popping up all over the U.K. and are proving very popular with dog owners. It’s my dream to one day own one, I think they’re such a fantastic idea for people to walk their dogs off the lead, safely, and without the worry of them running off. Usually they’re a big open field for your dogs to enjoy, however this is the first secure woodland I have come across; a great new location with different smells and experiences for your dogs compared to a field.


Stanton Waters Woodland Walks are a secure 2-acre woodland based in Blunsdon just outside of Swindon. We were lucky enough to be invited for a walk. They have different pricing options depending on how many people would like to walk, but the basic booking is £12 for an hour.


This was the first time my dogs have ever been to a secure field/woodland, however I have been to quite a few with clients for photoshoots. They’re perfect for rescue dogs who can’t be let off lead yet, reactive dogs, those who like to chase livestock or birds and also those who haven’t yet learnt recall; it’s a safe place you can walk and train and if things went wrong you know they can’t run off to danger.


For the time you book the woodland it is just you and your dogs in there, so you don’t have to worry about other dogs you might meet if your dog is nervous. You could meet a friend there and together your dogs can run and have fun. I know when my dogs are with their four legged friends they can suddenly forget all rules and manners chasing each other into the distance, but the 6ft fences will keep them safe and they won’t stray too far.


Even if you’re not local the woodland isn’t far from Cirencester if you’re visiting the Cotswolds and want somewhere safe to let your dogs off. You might be staying on holiday  nearby and before a day of exploring towns and villages it’s the perfect spot for your dogs to run and let off steam.


If you’ve not been to a secure field/woodland before they have big gates you drive through to then lock your car inside the enclosure. So your dogs can get out of the car and be safe straight away rather than putting them on the lead and walking them in; which if you have nervous dogs that could suddenly dart out of the car it certainly makes life much easier. Stanton waters has poo bins in the car park and part way around the woodland, as well as running water and soap for you to wash your hands or top up any water bowls.


We had such a brilliant morning, our hour flew by, we did a few laps in different directions following the various paths. There’s wooden benches to take in the fresh air and a green open space in the centre. There’s even cute little fairy windows for you to spot on your walk, so your children can keep occupied as well as the dogs!


Let us know when you visit, I look forward to seeing your photos.

You can book your slot on their website –

And make sure you follow them on Facebook and Instagram to keep up with their news and updates.

Thanks for reading,

Megan, Woody and Wilma

Thank you to Stanton Waters Woodland for inviting us.


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