The Best Dog Beds

When owning a dog it is likely you’ll get through a number of dog bed’s in their lifetime. You want something that looks stylish and comfortable to give your dog the best nights sleep, yet a tough dog bed that won’t easily be eaten or are not too thin and floppy. There are all sorts of shapes and sizes of beds when you go into a pet shop or search online, so I thought I’d share some of my favourite dog beds that I own and would definitely recommend to fellow dog owners.

Ivy and Duke Den Bed

High edges on a bed means that the dog can curl up and feel safe with a strong edge of the bed surrounding them. Suiting its name as the Den bed it’s their own space to feel at home to relax after a walk. I bought the waterproof material bed which means that they can get in it when they’re wet and muddy whilst wearing their drying coats and the bed still looks brand new. In the warmer weather I can then hose it down outside and it’s ready to go again. I particularly like that the cushion at the base of the bed is memory foam; so I am content that the dogs can rest properly even in their older years and their joints are looked after.

[Blanket from Stormflower Snugs]

My dogs have a size Small which is £105.

Sophie Allport Mattress

My favourite thing about any of the Sophie Allport products is the patterns and designs they come in; they have such a variety, even when it comes to dog patterns they have different styles for each breed. Some dogs prefer a totally flat bed with no edges so that they can stretch right out with nothing in their way. Although the fabric of the bed is light in colour, it comes off and goes in the washing machine, making sure a dog bed is washable is an essential for me! Some mattress style dog beds can be quite thin, and after a few months the dogs are basically lying on the hard floor. But we’ve had this for years and it is still thick in padding all over so nice and soft for the dogs.

Our Mattress is in the ‘Spaniel’ pattern in a size Medium for £57.

Barka Parka Bean Beds

This is the newest bed to our collection, but still one of our favourites as the dogs are often curled up in the centre of it when I walk in. Handmade in the UK this bean bed is again perfect for dogs that like to snuggle into something and feel secure as the beans move around them just as a bean bag would for humans. Another bonus of the Barka Parka bed is the easy removable cover, a bit like a giant shower cap that goes over the circular bed. No wrestling with zips you just take it off, pop it in the wash to remove any muddy paw prints, and then out it straight back on! They also have a range of colours to suit your interior.

We have the colour Country Squire in a size 40″ which is £109, but you can also choose different bean fillings at an extra cost.

Scotts of London luxurious dog beds

If you want a bed that will be a statement furniture piece in your home then these are the guys for you! They often have stands at Crufts and other big shows where they display all of their beds so you can see the different styles and fabrics in all their beauty. However for the quality of the materials and craftsmanship they come at a price. This is not the bed for you with a young dog who may be destructive, wait until they’ve matured and will relax in [not eat] a bed that you give them. The beds have such a solid edge that Woody loves to rest his head on with no chance of it giving way or flopping at the sides. Obviously this one can’t go in the washing machine, but being faux leather I can wipe it down easily with a cloth and wash any blankets that I put in there.

We have the Medium Balmoral in Faux Leather which is £469.99, but you can customise the cushion fabric and fill for an extra cost.

Hugo and Hudson

Hugo and Hudson have a range of fabrics to suit the interior of your house. These beds are light weight so are ideal to take away on holiday or to pop round to your family’s houses so the dogs have something comfy and familiar to lie on. All the covers can be removed and popped in the wash!

My dogs are sharing a Large bed which is £79.99, but if they didn’t want to share just one Spaniel would easily fit in a medium.

If you’re on the lookout for a new dog bed I hope this blog post has helped a little with your search. These aren’t even all the dog beds I own but you can never have enough even with just two dogs right?

Thanks for reading,

Megan, Woody and Wilma

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  1. Teagan says:

    What a great post, I am still living in hope of getting one of those really posh sofa beds but I don’t think it’s very likely as the humans say I have enough beds and I’m rather fond of my Orvis beds. I’m not sure I’d like the Den bed, I’m more of a stretching out type sleeper, but our Bengal definitely would. All the others look great, especially the Barka Parka Bean Bed, and I wholeheartedly agree that a dog can never have too many beds, especially when there are cats in the house!
    Woofs to Woody & Wilma xx


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