The Best Dog Coats

Winter is the season where I’ll admire the best dressed dogs on our walks. There are so many dog coats out there for dogs of all shapes and sizes. Go to a Cotswold town and it’s like a fashion show for dogs! So I thought I’d share my favourite dog coats that we have tried and tested and I’d honestly recommend to any breed.

These coats will be to keep them warm and dry during dog walks; I have already written a blog post about the Best Drying Coats for Dogs which you can read here. These are better to put on after a walk when your dogs are wet, they’ll dry them off and warm them up!

Non-stop dogwear

I’ve recently been using the Fjord Raincoat from Non-stop dogwear on our dog walks so had to come back to edit this blog post to add it in.

It’s a lightweight rain jacket for dogs to keep them dry on wet walks whilst the dogs can still run around at full speed. It comes in it’s own little bag so you can fold it up and take it on your travels in case rain appears.

With different straps and attachments it stays secure on your dog’s body whilst still allowing full range of movements and leg extensions which is very important. Non-stop dog wear specialise in dog accessories for sport and active dogs for things like hiking, canicross, bikejoring etc. so I know these products have been well made and tested by the best canine athletes in the world!

Wilma wears the purple in a 45 and Woody the blue in a 50 which are £69.99. They have so many size variations, measure your dog and there will be something to suit!

Country and Twee

I know so many dog owners that struggle to find a coat that properly fits their dogs. Especially owners with long dogs like Dachshunds or skinnier dogs like Whippets and Greyhounds. But Country and Twee have coats made to measure for them all! All made in the U.K the Country and Twee team can help you choose the perfect size for your dog, they even have breed specific ranges!

The Tweed dog coat starts at £48.50, it looks so smart and luxurious yet is still machine washable for those dogs who like to get dirty on walks in the country.

For dog breeds a little closer to the ground their stomachs can get wet and cold very easily. So I’d go for an Underbelly Coat from £42.50 which has stretchy material along their belly keeping them clean and dry!

My favourite coat of theirs I think has to be the Black Dog Coat. It is so smart, Wilma could have the dirtiest mud covered paws and I think it would still make her look like she’s off to an important meeting in her Sunday best. This starts at £48.50 and has a cosy sherpa fleece lining.

Hugo and Hudson

Hugo and Hudson have some of the most colourful, stylish yet affordable coats out there! Plus they are such good value, they’re thick and well made in a range of sizes.

You could go for a proper coat like their Fleece Tweed Jackets which are SO soft and cosy inside. These start at £30. They come in a range of colours so you can choose one that coordinates well with the colour of your dog’s fur.

Their Raincoats start from £35 and are perfect for brightening up a rainy day. How could you resist a hood on a dog coat, or the little pockets which they can fill with poo bags or snacks for the journey [Treats in the pocket wouldn’t last long with my dogs!]

Or you can go for Puffer Jackets so they’re the trendiest dogs in the park – even better if you have a matching puffer for yourself! These start at £40 and have a hole near the neck to clip your lead through ready for walks anywhere! Plus they’re reversible, so if your dog can’t be seen in the same outfit twice just flip the jacket inside out for a different colour.


Equafleeces don’t just have a use after walks to dry dogs off, they can be worn on walks to keep them warm without restricting movement. Although I wouldn’t put them on Wilma on a walk as the friction of the fleece matts the long hair on her Cockapoo legs. Woody wears his in the colder months especially in the snow as it stops the snowballs collecting on his legs!

You can go for a dog jumper or a dog suit, jumpers have two legs and start at £25. Whereas dog suits have all 4 legs and start from £31. Sizing can be a little tricky with their online calculator so if you get stuck just phone them with your dog’s measurements and they’re super helpful!

Comfort Zone Equestrian

I think that if an Equestrian brand creates a dog product then it must be good because they’ve already mastered it on huge animals.

My coat of choice is the Classic Dog Rug. With velcro straps it is so easy to whip on and off the dogs quickly – no legs or buckles to worry about. Personally I use this at agility whilst the dogs are waiting for their go without getting cold. These start at £34.99 and also come in a range of colours.

Let me know which coat you go for, I’d love to see a photo of your dog wearing theirs!

Thanks for reading,

Megan, Woody and Wilma

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