What is the best dog harness?

If you’ve welcomed a new dog into your family, or are looking to expand your dog’s wardrobe you might be looking for recommendations for the best dog harness. Whether it’s the best harness for strong dogs that pull on the lead, small and lightweight harnesses for small dogs or the prettiest pattern on the harness for your dogs to be the best looking dog in the park.

The main thing you want to look for when buying a harness is that it is a Y shaped harness. This means the straps go around the head and under the chest, not across their shoulders. If it goes across the shoulders like the classic Julius K9 Harness design it will restrict their movement when running or walking. Some people think this helps because the dogs don’t pull on the lead but it’s because they can’t move their legs properly and can cause long term damage.

So the brands I do recommend will suit any dog; whether they’re wearing the harness off lead running 100mph, or they like a slow and steady lead walk, these harnesses are for any dog.

Non-stop Dogwear

I have to start with my favourite harness of all time (and I own a lot of dog harnesses). My dogs wear the Line Harness 5.0, for my two active breeds – A Working Cocker and a Cockapoo, this is perfect for our every day walks and for going away on holiday with long walks.

Non-stop Dogwear specialise in making equipment for active and sporting dogs. Whilst these harnesses are great for pet dogs and every day activities and walks, they also have harnesses specifically for Canicross (running with your dogs) Bikejoring (the dog running in front of your bike) to keep the dogs fit and healthy but most importantly safe when out having fun. I also particularly love Non-stop’s dog jackets which are a great fit and good quality. If you’d like the addition of a handle on the harness then try their Line Harness Grip. These come in 9 different sizes.

Line Harness 5.0 – £53.95

Ruffwear Front Range Harness

Another of my favourite dog harnesses over the years has been the Ruffwear Front Range Harness. A comfortable fit, easy to put on yet versatile for mud, water and anything else my dogs throw themselves into.

This harness has both front and back D rings for lead attachments. Most dogs will have the lead attached on their back, slower dogs that walk behind you might prefer having the lead attached on the chest, or if you were to secure your dogs in the car using their harness, some people like to use both for an extra attachment. These come in 5 standard sizes with the straps being adjustable.

Front Range Harness – £54.95

Perfect Fit

I dont have a personal opinion on these harnesses as I’ve never tried them. I do however know many people who love them, and I’ve worked with lots of dogs whilst they wear them. If I needed a young puppy in a properly fitted harness right from the start I’d go with perfect fit, because each harness is made up of three pieces that clip together and each piece can be a unique size to your dog

Image from Perfect Fit

You enter your dogs sizing and it is custom fitted, meaning it is literally a ‘perfect fit’. So it’s great for your dogs that have unique sizes, and proportions don’t fit regular dog sizes, but also for all other dogs and you just want a good fitting harness. You either buy the pieces online if you can work out all the measurements, or what I recommend is finding a local perfect fit stockist. Lots of pet shops or dog trainers will be trained in fitting these so can make sure your dog is safe and comfortable, advising you with which pieces they need.

Example of a Spaniel size complete set – £40.96

Image from Perfect Fit

Pawsome Paws Boutique

If you like a pretty pattern for your dogs to wear, or a special occasion or time of year for them to match with then you need to check out Pawsome Paws Boutique. They have a huge collection of beautiful patterns, the hard part is choosing your favourite. They also have a front and back D ring for lead attachment. Again if you’d like a handle on the harness try their Essentials or Tough Trails Harnesses.

Image from Pawsome Paws Boutique’s Social Media

Being a thinner fabric these are probably the lightest weight out of this list of harnesses, and easy to wash as you can pop them in the washing machine. Pawsome Paws Boutique are also a lovely small business who we’ve supported as they’ve grown over the years, so don’t forget to tag them in your photos on Instagram! These come in 5 sizes.

D-Ring Adjustable Harness – £26.00

Image from Pawsome Paws Boutique’s Social Media

Let me know what you look for when buying a new harness? Have you used any of these brands?

Thanks for reading,

Megan, Woody and Wilma x

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