Christmas Gift Guide 2018

It’s that time of year again, time for our Christmas Gift Guide! Each year I try and buy as much as I can from independent UK businesses. I absolutely love shopping with smaller companies because every purchase means so much to them. So what will you be buying your dogs this year, or a dogContinue reading “Christmas Gift Guide 2018”

The Best Dog drying coats

Particularly this time of year I seem to have soggy spaniels 24/7. With no warm weather to dry them off I need to step in and lend a hand. There are so many great drying products on the market at the minute so I thought I’d share just 3 of my favourite drying coats, allContinue reading “The Best Dog drying coats”

Dog Grooming Aprons

We’ve been huge fans of Lottie’s work over at The Cosy Canine Company for years now, [She was actually one of the first people to know about little Wilma coming along]. We have her crate covers, dog walking bag and even personalised poop bag holders. Of course we need to build our oilcloth collection andContinue reading “Dog Grooming Aprons”

5 Car essentials for your dog

I’m always on the road with my dogs so making sure we’ve got everything we need is very important. Whether it’s a trip to a new walking spot, a dog show or a job for the dogs; I’m very much an over packer, prepared for any eventuality! So here are my 5 essentials:   RoadContinue reading “5 Car essentials for your dog”

Inspired by Darcy – Gifts for the home

Any breed specific dog decor around the house and i’m there! I’d have spaniel decor on every wall and surface if I could. Inspired by Darcy have a beautiful range of products all with the theme of spaniels and labradors. They sent over some spaniel related goodies for Woody so we can show you. So forContinue reading “Inspired by Darcy – Gifts for the home”

HiLife dog food – a wet food treat

There are so many varieties of dog food on the market, it’s just the challenge of finding the right food for you and your dog’s lifestyle. For some dogs wet food is best, they may be elderly , have problems chewing or just prefer a softer food but we tried out HiLife Dog food justContinue reading “HiLife dog food – a wet food treat”

Spaniel Proof: Muttley & Martha

I admit I am an absolute collar and lead addict. Any excuse to buy a new collar for the dogs and I’m there – a matching lead too? Even better! If you follow us on Instagram you’ll know one of my favourite pet accessory brands is Muttely & Martha. I’ve absolutely loved this shop rightContinue reading “Spaniel Proof: Muttley & Martha”