Feeding RAW Q & A with Cotswold RAW

We recently took to social media to ask our followers for their questions about feeding RAW. From experienced RAW feeders to dog owners who had never tried it before, there was such a good range of questions. I narrowed them down and asked the Cotswold Raw team and their nutritionist to let us know theContinue reading “Feeding RAW Q & A with Cotswold RAW”

Finding a good dog groomers

Almost every dog owner will search for a dog groomers at least once in their dogs lives, but there’s always the worry go how do you find a good groomers you can trust? Scamps in Cheltenham invited us along to check out their groomers and have a pamper session! Of course I couldn’t refuse theContinue reading “Finding a good dog groomers”

5 ways to keep your dog cool:

We have been lucky enough to have a beautiful heatwave in the U.K. this week which I am sure you have heard talked about endlessly. But of course with extreme weather comes warnings for your pets, this heat can be very dangerous to them and even life threatening. So what can you do to keepContinue reading “5 ways to keep your dog cool:”

Trying to stop separation anxiety

Separation anxiety in dogs is more common than you think. Every time you leave, your dogs have no idea when or if you’re coming back; every dog reacts differently but some get worried and display anxious behaviour. This can be through howling/barking, destroying bedding/toys/even parts of your house, excessive salivating. They can let out allContinue reading “Trying to stop separation anxiety”

How to groom a Cockapoo/Doodle

The number one question I get asked by fellow dog owners is how to I groom Wilma’s coat. With doodles and other fluffy breeds on the rise in the last couple of years, grooming is being talked about an awful lot more in the dog world. The best way to maintain their coat is regularContinue reading “How to groom a Cockapoo/Doodle”

How to groom a Spaniel

One of the most popular questions we get asked is how do I groom my dogs. Their grooming routines are totally different but I thought I’d talk you through Woody’s. Woody is a Working Cocker Spaniel, so isn’t that fluffy compared to the hairier Show Cockers. His breed ideally should be short on the body,Continue reading “How to groom a Spaniel”

What to pack for the Beach

During the last month we’ve had a couple of trips to the beach, making the most of this perfect weather. Not too chilly to┬ábe in the water but also not too hot for the dogs to be out in the open all day. Being an over packer, preparing for any possibility I usually pack everythingContinue reading “What to pack for the Beach”