Finding a good dog groomers

Almost every dog owner will search for a dog groomers at least once in their dogs lives, but there’s always the worry go how do you find a good groomers you can trust?


Scamps in Cheltenham invited us along to check out their groomers and have a pamper session! Of course I couldn’t refuse the chance to have my dogs all clean and cuddly without the hassle of doing it myself – even better done by dog professionals like themselves.


So when looking for a groomers, how can you find one that is good for you?

  1. Check their images on social media, dog groomers often share images of their clients. My favourites are before and afters to see the transformation.
  2. Take in a photo of other dogs that are the same breed as yours that you like the look of their groom. Trying to describe how you want your dog to look can often get lost in translation so an image is the best way to show them the look you’d like if your dogs coat is in the right condition.
  3. For spaniels i’d check if they strip or shave them. As double coated breeds they shouldn’t be shaved but some groomers believe it’s quicker and easier and only offer to clip them.

Wilma had never been to a groomers before as I’ve groomed her myself at home all her life, but i’ve got lots of the kit so she’s used to the noises etc. But Woody used to go regularly so knew what to expect. However he did spend the whole time giving me evil looks as he thought we were off on an adventure in the car…not for a wash!


To start off their pamper day they shared a bath – something they’ve never shared before as I don’t have enough hands when it’s just me! Any mud and muck is washed away and they’re covered in a fresh shampoo scent. Wilma also had a facial which is ideal as her beard likes to pick up bits and pieces.


All the water is then blasted off with the well named ‘blaster’. The dogs are used to me using this on them at home as it’s super handy at drying them off quickly. It’s powerful so gets right down to the skin and this is where groomers often spot ticks or cuts on the skin that you might miss as they’re hidden beneath the fur.



They then move to the grooming tables to finish off drying with the dryers/ hairdryers. These are a bit more gentle and can be heated, so along with a slicker brush the hair is brushed whilst being dried to style it and make it super fluffy. Some people worry & think that dogs in a groomers are all tied up. But this is all for their safety and doesn’t make them uncomfortable. Just like a slip lead there’s a loop around their neck, then if they’re a bit wriggly [Like Wilma] they can have a second belly band. This holds them in the best position for grooming meaning they can get to work quicker and easier without the dogs potentially falling off.

Now that they resemble a fluffy marshmallow & are all dry that’s the end of a bath and blow-dry. If your dog was to have a haircut as well that is what would happen next. The coat is dry and knot free; the extra volume from the blow dry means they can be cut accurately all over.


Not only are the lovely ladies at Scamps fantastic groomers, but they also have their own doggy daycare too! They’ve got a room out the back full of toys and tunnels for the dogs to have fun whilst you’re at work, as well as an outdoor area for toilet trips.


So if you live near Cheltenham why not book your dogs in for a wash and blow dry, or maybe even a full groom? Sarah and her team will make your dog feel right at home and will totally pamper them. For more information or to get in contact have a peek at their website here or follow them on social media.

Thank you so much to Sarah & Hannah for spoiling the dogs,

Megan, Woody & Wilma

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