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Having two dogs means double the fluff! Wilma especially has enough fur for about 10 dogs. She’s just reached the age where her adult coat is coming through and her puppy fur is mixed in with it – meaning she is even more prone to knots and tangles!


Mikki got in touch and we tested out some of their products to see if it would reduce my battle with matts. Our usual grooming routine was using a slicker brush that Wilma came¬†with her from her breeder¬†[Everyone¬†told me how it helped to use a slicker brush first in your grooming routine, but ours¬†didn’t seem to make a difference],¬†to then spending a good 40 IMG_4144minutes grooming all over with a metal comb. Having worked in a groomers before, a metal comb is an absolute essential for any fluffy breeds; although its very time consuming combing Wilma for 40 minutes every day to keep away the knots!

First up is my absolute favourite brush from Mikki, and I never thought I would love a dog brush so much! The Pro Slicker is double sided and has very thin pins varying in softness on each side; compare this to our usual slicker which has slightly thicker pins with a small ball on the end Рthe old slicker was also one sided so the pro slicker already has an advantage. The old slicker would get stuck on tangles whereas the pro slicker effortlessly brushes out the tangles pain free.


Almost every new dog owner¬†has the rule ‘No Dogs on the sofa’, which almost every dog owner ignores within a matter of weeks¬†[I¬†barely managed a few days]. So the Pet Hair Magnet¬†enables you to quickly clean up those pesky stray hairs off clothes and furniture.


As both of my dogs are agility dogs it is important to keep them in tip top condition, not just with their coats. I loved the idea of brushes that also massaged the dogs and stimulated their skin.


Both of these brushes are gentle against your dogs whilst grooming, perfect for puppies or timid dogs that are just getting used to grooming. With rubber bristles that trap the loose hair [Which my dogs have a lot of]. The Massage Slicker has a handle whilst the Moulting Massage Brush enables you to hold it with the palm of your hand [and I love the little finger hole]. 


I didn’t think that these two brushes would work on Wilma’s thick coat however I was surprised that they actually did brush through the overcoat and clear out any muck.

Woody has quite a technical grooming routine because of his strange coat so he is hand stripped [Read our blog post about it here ]. However in between his coat being stripped the Moult Master helps to tidy him up. There are lots of similar brushes to this on the market,  their job is to strip the dead overcoat out.


We can’t wait to try out some of Mikki’s¬†other products, as they’re all tough enough to survive my dogs! For information and guides on how to use any of their products head on over the the Mikki website¬†– you can’t actually buy them direct from the website but there are links to plenty of stockists!

Thanks for reading & we hope you enjoyed,

Megan, Woody & Wilma



  1. Elly & Fudge says:

    Brilliant blog, we use their products and know they’re brilliant. Would love to hear more about hand stripping Woodys coat! X


  2. Emma Bearman says:

    A great post, I really need to check these out! Or at least actually brush the dog – Such a bad owner haha!
    Emma & Alfie xox


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