Making the most of Spring


We have been absolutely loving the sunny spring weather that has arrived over the last couple of weeks. It seems so long since I was able to hang out in the garden with the dogs [Last time we did this Wilma was only a tiny baby, now look at her!]. 


We have a little bank in the garden that looks down on our country lane and the valley; I often go out to try and find the dogs expecting them to be attempting to play with the  cat [Wilma] or the very important task of keeping the chicken run squirrel free [Woody]. When actually they’re both sat bathing in the sun watching the world go by.


Life can get so busy for us all so making sure I spend quality time outside with the dogs is so important to me. Something we’d encourage you all to do is go out with your dogs and just have fun. Simple as that! My camera is always in my hand so sometimes we try to go out without the camera and my phone away [I just can’t help sharing our adventures on our Instagram stories].


One of our favourite evening walks is along our canal which has the river on the other side of the path. I walk along herding the dogs away from the stinky canal water most of the time but Woody  absolutely loves jumping in and walking alongside us in the river. Wilma kindly spends the whole time chasing him from the river bank but doesn’t dare get her paws wet [She’s such a princess!].


What are your favourite things to do with your dogs this time of year? We’d love to find out and try it ourselves!

Megan, Woody & Wilma


  1. Lovely post! Spring is definitely one of our favourite times of the year too. Love the fact Wilma tries to stop Woody from getting mucky in the river! As for our favourite places, we’ve actually just written a blog post about two of our faves – think your two would definitely enjoy them – I can already picture Wilma at Blenheim! xxx

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  2. Emma Bearman says:

    Spring is definitely my favourite time of year, I love taking work out side and just relaxing with the pooches!
    Lovely photos!
    Emma & Alfie xox

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  3. Sally says:

    Hi again!
    I have an 8 month old working cocker ( with s little King Charles in the mix) and she loves being out doors . I’m just wondering at this age how much exercise and walking can we do ? I’m also concerned that we over walked her when she was little which I’m feeling guilty about in case I’ve damaged her joints for later life , but she loved being out and loved the attention she got.
    We do go for longish walks with rests in between, she loves to swim , play chase and just be out.
    Thanks for your advice.


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