Guru – A year on


It’s been just over a year since Woody started Guru. Just over a year since he has become a healthier, food loving dog. But most of all it’s been a year since finding a brand of food that is truly beneficial for my dogs and that I love recommending to everyone.


It all started after reading Alfie Bear’s blog where he tested out Guru. With their food getting his spaniel approval it meant I just had to try it out, as well as the bright colours from their packaging attracting my attention. Guru had been going less than a year and it was at a stage that our Instagram page was just starting to grow. I got in touch with Lisa at Guru and she¬†kindly sent¬†us over a sample bag to try out.


Woody was always a fussy spaniel, ever since he was a pup. Of course he’d eat any food you gave him – except his dog food. We tried 3 or 4 different kibbles gradually over 4 years, each one he seemed to love at first which lasted about a week before he got bored with it. It was so upsetting not seeing him eat as he was always SO skinny. Although it was hard to see as he used to be so fluffy, his ribs stuck out which people would always comment on when they stroked him. It was almost impossible to keep any weight on him as he never stopped running¬†[He still runs around like a loony]¬†& not really eating was definitely the main cause!


He gobbled up the Guru nuggets¬†[ I’m sure they’re probably just called biscuits – but I¬†like calling them nuggets]¬†straight away, but I wasn’t overly excited because as I said he usually likes a new food for about a week then gets bored. Yet as the week went on he was still eating it as I mixed it in 50/50 with his kibble which made me so happy!

A year on I now have a dog who reminds me it’s dinner time, who tries to tell me I haven’t fed him so he gets seconds. A dog who makes a pool of dribble on the floor as he just can’t wait whilst you’re measuring out the food. Most of you probably think I’m so odd for being excited about that, but anyone with fussy dogs will understand!


Of course last summer Wilma joined my four legged family and she was soon moved off the kibble that she arrived with and became a full time Guru Geek. Cockapoos are known to be picky breeds and I had started to see that with her old food. Of course now she loves dinner time just as much as Woody!


We were very lucky to visit Guru at a few shows last summer. When visitors were on the stand they were sometimes shown a clip of the food breaking down as it would in a dog’s stomach. I find this so¬†fascinating & definitely recommend that you check it out! Click here for the video.


Now I’ve done more research into dog foods and nutrition I’d love to feed my dogs on Raw as I believe its the best you can give them. However I don’t¬†feel brave enough to tackle DIY raw¬†[Bones and¬†everything else from the animal without going into too much detail] ,¬†but there are plenty more options for the future if I had the freezer space. If you already feed Raw the great thing about Guru being cold pressed is that you can feed it alongside your dog’s Raw food. Normal kibble digests differently to Raw which is why they can’t be fed alongside or at the same time as Raw. However you can feed raw one meal and Guru at another, or maybe if you’re going away with limited freezer space just take along Guru to feed your dogs.


Woody and I were the first ones to do the head resting on a bag of guru photo all the way back last summer. Now we love seeing everyone else’s photos doing the same! Even making it onto a guru monthly postcard that you get in your order. Be sure to tag us in your photos of your dog trying out Guru!


If you’re interested in Guru Pet Food and would like to know more then check out their website¬†¬†or on their social media pages. There’s so much more I could tell you but this blog post would be pages long! There’s the smaller measurements¬†of food the dogs need each day, the wonderful flavours [One that is grain free],¬†trip bones which are perfect for adventures¬†and so much more – feel free to send us a message if you’d like to ask us anything else about the food.

Megan, Woody & Wilma xx



  1. Guru Geeks says:



  2. Guru Geeks says:

    Yayyyy!!!! We absolutely Love Love Love your blog xox
    Woody and Wilma are so adorable and such Gorgeous lil’ Geeksters!
    Thanks for this amazing and informative blog, we can’t wait to see you guys again this year!
    Lots of Love
    Team Guru xox


  3. Emma Bearman says:

    So glad you have found a food that suits him – It’s hard work having a fussy spaniel!
    Emma & Alfie xox


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