Wilma is growing up!

IMG_5354 copyIn just a couple of weeks my little puppy will be turning 1 year old! Where has the time gone! It seems only yesterday  I first visited her and her tiny siblings  at 7 weeks old, now they’re all big and most definitely fluffy.

I’ll be doing a birthday blog post closer to the time which will be full of photos but for now I can’t help but share a couple of puppy pics [I do have hundreds after all].




Now there’s the tricky question of what do I get the dog who has everything? She’s such a lucky pup it’s hard finding something she doesn’t have. A new toy would be stolen by her big brother so I’d have to get two to keep them both happy! A new collar or lead to add to her growing collection [She needs a birthday outfit right?].


But most importantly do I get her a dog friendly birthday cake or not? Most people must think i’m totally bonkers wanting to get her a cake, but she’s my fur-baby why should she miss out on the delicious treat – obviously Woody would have to help her eat it! I’ve always made any birthday treats myself for the dogs so if I do go ahead and treat her to a cake who are your favourite doggy bakers? Her birthday is the 8th of May so i’d need to order it soon so they have time to make it for us!


If you can think of any new or different dog related gifts that you’ve seen and think would be perfect for Wilma do let me know! I may well do a little blog on what Wilma got for her birthday also if we think you guys should try them out.


Thank you for reading,

Megan, Woody & Wilma


  1. Amy & Tilly says:

    Aw she’s so big! You should definitely make a cake! Or pupcakes, I’d love to see what you create! X


    1. Yay! Woody had pupcakes last year and he seemed to love them! Not sure my baking skills would be good enough to attempt a proper cake for them!


  2. She is so beautiful! They grow so quick – you blink and suddenly they look like a proper adult dog! :’)


    1. Close my eyes for two seconds and boom she’s fully grown!


  3. Becky says:

    My favourite photo is the one where Wilma is grabbing Woody’s tail – so cute! I can’t believe she’s nearly 1 already!


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