Wilma’s 1st Birthday


Today is the  day that my tiny fluffy puppy is officially 1 year old. Of course its still a couple of months until I picked her up, but hasn’t she grown from that tiny little bundle she once was!


For those of you that are new or are uncertain, Wilma is a F1 Cockapoo. It was actually a year ago yesterday that I officially decided to add a fluffy dog to my family [Little did I know my dream pup would be born the next day!], and so the hunt began to find a good breeder.

IMG_2234 copy


My favourite thing about seeing her grow up into the beautiful fluffy Princess that she is [Oh she’s SO fluffy!] has been being able to capture her every step on my camera. Of course I love being able to share these adventures online with you all, but the main reason is to keep these treasured memories. Here are a series of photos from her first day home, right up to her being 7 months old and almost fully grown.

IMG_5377.jpgIMG_649516 weeks 118 weeks-221 weeks7 months-3

She’s spent the day snoozing in the sunshine [She really is the laziest dog I know] in between pottering around her favourite walks. Also enjoying her favourite treat & cake – Tuna cake. We really must share that recipe with you guys soon…

We’ll next be celebrating her gotcha day, just before Woody’s birthday! Have a great week guys.

Megan, Woody & Wilma



  1. Fi says:

    ohh yes please do share the tuna cake recipe with us. Cooper goes crazy for tuna. 🙂


    1. Perfect, we’ll add it to the list to blog about 😊


  2. Sian says:

    Love the growing up series of photos 😀😀

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Linda says:

    Is Wilma a ‘Raffles Cockapoo’? I noticed her appear under that hashtag on instagram?


    1. Yes she is! Do you have one?


      1. Linda says:

        We looked into their puppies, but then we saw the Puppylove campaign stories about some sick puppies from Raffles. Clearly, Wilma is healthy and beautiful though! I think we will rescue/rehome instead either way.

        Liked by 1 person

  4. Yes I saw that debtate, but then also saw a lot of the fake stories by them so not a source I can trust


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