GeekSTAR’s announcement

We’ve got something very exciting to share with you, we are now official GeekSTAR’s!
As many of you may know my dogs have been eating Guru for over a year and have loved it ever since that first sample. So of course we were over the moon when Guru asked us to be one of their GeekSTARS.
The dogs will have the label ‘Country GeekSTARs’ because there’s no place we’d rather be ¬†than out in the beautiful Cotswold landscape. The other GeekSTARs each have their own personalised label so me sure to check out their announcements!
This was for Guru’s birthday last year but it’s just too adorable not to share again!
Up Close and Pawsonal with Country GeekSTAR’s Woody & Wilma
1. Welcome Megan, Woody and Wilma to #TeamGuru tell us a little bit about yourselves.
My name is Megan and¬†I’m the human¬†behind The Cotswold Spaniels. I’m a photographer based in The Cotswolds with my dogs accompanying me on¬†every adventure. Woody is a Working Cocker Spaniel and Wilma is a Cockapoo and together they get up to so much mischief, they really are the¬†perfect pair.
2. How did you first get into blogging?
¬†I started blogging over a year ago after¬†wanting¬†to share our adventures in more detail than just social media. We blogged about everything and anything including lots of puppy posts as Wilma arrived. Earlier¬†this year we relaunched the blog into ‘The Cotswold Spaniels’ and this year is already planning out to be amazing.
3. How do you balance your photography business (Megan Williams Photography) with your blog?
¬†There’s always so many¬†exciting¬†projects going on¬†with both my¬†photography and blog work, but¬†I’m so lucky that I enjoy every minute of both of them so there’s never a reluctance to work. Also there’s such a¬†variety in what I do, with my photography I get to meet so many amazing dogs and owners. Yet with blogging I photograph my favourite models [My dogs] and learn about a huge variety of dog¬†products & experiences on the market to share with everyone.¬†
4. What’s the best advice you’ve ever received?
I¬†can’t¬†pinpoint a single bit of advice¬†I’ve been given but have rather picked up lots of tips over the years. I often get asked how we’ve reached the¬†point we’re at and my response is I’ve just enjoyed it. Social media is a huge part of people’s lives at the minute but you¬†can’t grow an account over night. We’re very lucky that we’ve got quite a few followers over our social media but our trick is to just enjoy it. I started the dogs¬†Instagram page to share our adventures and just have fun. Don’t try to impress everyone, just post what you like,¬†enjoy it & share the love with your favourite accounts – everyone loves a friendly comment on their post!
5. Have you any tips for your readers who may like to start a blog too? 
¬†I’m rubbish at blog advice as I either waffle on sharing our stories or I get carried away and post so many photos. But from an avid blog reader just¬†write about¬†what¬†you love and the passion will show through. Also include lots of photos but thats just a personal preference as I love seeing them.
6. Finally, if you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go?
I’ve not got much of a desire to travel but I love finding dog friendly destinations in the UK, especially coastal and the countryside. For the dogs they adore anywhere¬†with¬†a beach – or anywhere with water in Woody’s case. With the dogs by my side we have the best trips and adventures.
We’ll be at a few shows with Guru over the summer, will you be there too? We hope we can meet you and your dogs!
Thanks for reading and we can’t wait to share the next steps in our Guru adventure with you!
Megan, Woody & Wilma

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  1. Yayyy!!!! Our lil’ Cotswold Cuties ‚ú®ūüź∂ūüź∂‚ú®
    Love your blog, some really exciting and interesting answers to Geekster Sam’s questions!
    Everyone ADOREs your photos… Woody & Wilma are just THE BEST xx
    Can’t wait to see ya again this year, our gorgeous COUNTRY GeekSTARs ūüíõ


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