Lounging Hound

Last week we had a wonderful package land on our doorstep from the lovely humans over at The Lounging Hound. We were so excited to open it up, but first mum was admiring the beautiful packaging. There’s something so special about receiving a product that is packaged with such love and care, this one looked like a giant present I never wanted to unwrap it!





Within the box was a Pure Wool Throw – in the colour Dawn. The soft Blue, Beige and Cream geometric design was a lovely contrast to one of our Mulberry sofas. We have the famous ‘No dogs on the sofa’ rule, which they do actually listen to [Most of the time] and only come up when invited. They have a dog friendly sofa in the Kitchen which they’re allowed on all the time, so it’s a real treat for them to be allowed up on the ‘non-dog fluff’ sofa.





The throw is perfect for keeping the dogs warm and cosy as the wool retains the warmth which will come in handy in the Winter as my two love snuggling up on a chilly day. As the weather is warming up [At last!] these can just be draped across sofas, beds or on the floor as the wool remains cool.


The throws are dirt and odour resistant, which I am really pleased about because i’m forever washing blankets and bedding after a soggy or muddy walk. However when they do need a proper wash the only option is Dry Cleaning [Don’t try any other method as you could suddenly have a very small blanket]. I personally wouldn’t use this blanket in their beds or on the sofa when they’ve come back from a walk and they’re soggy, just to save the hassle of worrying about keeping it clean.



This blanket retails at £90 and you can purchase it here. We’d say this is definitely a luxury dog product, not as affordable as most dog blankets or to everyone’s taste but we just love how beautiful it is. We’ve got our eye on a few of The Lounging Hound’s other products – especially the Faux fur throw [I can just imagine the spaniels all snuggled up in this – and Wilma ADORES fur!] or the Toppers [Perfect for our dog friendly sofa to prevent all the muddy paws!]


Do you have any Lounging hound products? They’re a family run UK business, so even more of a reason to shop with them!


We hope you’ve enjoyed reading this, we’re now off to snuggle under the blanket for a well deserved nap.


Megan, Woody & Wilma


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