Dogfest South 2017

On Saturday the 24th of June we visited Dogfest South at Knebworth house, Hertfordshire. The journey from us to Knebworth was 2 & 1/2 hours so we had to get up very early [We are not morning dogs or humans] but it was well worth it.


We arrived at 9:30 as the gates opened so there was minimal queueing, both in the car and on foot. One of the many things I love about dog shows like this is the amazing friendly atmosphere, as soon as we got out the car everyone we walked past were so happy and friendly. Plus there was almost every breed of dog you could think of! I actually prefer Dogfest to Crufts as everyone can bring their dogs so you get talking to so many more people. Next year we’d love for there to be an extra Dog fest in the South West ¬†– we know lots more of our friends who would be able to come!

We met up with Tilly! @sillytillypoodle on Instagram



First stop was the Guru stand, easily spotted next to the entrance by their bright yellow decor. My dogs love it on the stand, it’s almost like their second home. Woody ran straight over to the bags of food and helped himself¬†[I blame Guru for¬†making a food that he loves so much]¬†and Wilma cosied up on the famous Guru chairs for a nap. I was actually Guru’s photographer for the day, so most of the time we were here meeting all the Geekster’s old and new.


If you’d seen one of our last blog posts, Guru have just brought out some new venison sausages which were only available at Dogfest until they go on sale in the next couple of weeks. So there were lots of visitors waiting to try out these tasty snacks! You can read the Sausage blog here. Guru’s stand has been updated and one of the new designs is a wall full of ‘Wanted Geeksters’. The dog’s faces are up there as well as lots of others you may recognise. If visitors at the show spot any of the dogs they get the reward – which was 2 trip bones for us!


Last year Dogfest South was in Windsor rather than Knebworth, so was an hour less to travel for us. However this year the show was so much bigger. It seemed a much bigger area and there were so many more shops. We wandered around catching up with everyone that we recognised and got to know so many new companies.

@pippin_cockerspaniel on Instagram

A few of the highlights were finally meeting Huxley Hound. We’ve read so much about them and followed their journey on social media & so we’ve got some tasty dehydrated vegetable treats to try out and we’ll report back!


Wilma brought a little friend with her to Dogfest – a tick on her ear! I spotted it and wasn’t sure what to do as our tick tool was all the way at home, but then remembered the Big Tick project were there. The girls were helpful and removed it for us, but then seemed far too excited at having a proper tick to show everyone that they had removed. This was Wilma’s second tick so she was a bit overwhelmed by the whole ‘stay still whilst I pull this creature off you’ move.


Pitpat had their own mini beach – Woody was quite confused where the water was but Wilma was pleased to see all the team again, she’s grown about 3 times the size as she was only 4 months old when they last saw her.


If you’ve been following our adventures for a while you’ll know that Woody had a bed made by Dee from Slumbering Hound & just how much we love her and her wonderful products. It just so happened we were visiting Dogfest on the same day so we finally got the chance to meet. Woody took an extra shine to Dee & we even got to meet the famous Aston.


More than were there and had a Photo Booth set up so you had the opportunity to capture your dogs passport photos. The dogs gladly perched on the seat waiting for their sausages.


Shopping and sniffing is tiring work so we had a sit down on the Woof & Brew stand. We’ve had their Dog beer before but love the sound of the Pawsecco and of course the dog friendly teas!


One of our favourite moments of the day was getting the chance to meet Wilma’s sister Mabel. Their litter live all over the country – one is even in Scotland, so unfortunately its very hard to meet up with any of them. Dogfest was the perfect opportunity.


Although such different colours, Wilma is Apricot whereas Mabel is Red, their personalities were so similar & there was such a resemblance. We can’t wait to meet them again and hopefully let them run around off lead together.


Of course the dogs had to look their best for their day out.



Then both dogs had rope leads from Dognwalk – the softest rope leads that I’ve come across!

How cute is Luna – @lunalou_the_cockapoo

We met [And photographed] so many gorgeous dogs on the Guru stand, here are just a few of our favourites!


@mabelmoothecockapoo on Instagram
The famous Millie from Twilight Bark Р@twilightbarkuk on Instagram
@labradorretriever & @nellythenorwich




Did you go to Dogfest? Either North or South we’d love to see your photos! We can’t wait to visit again next year.



Megan, Woody & Wilma


  1. Looks like you had a really lovely time, and have so many gorgeous photos from it too! xx

    Love From, Steph & The Spaniels


  2. Dee says:

    Oh so lovely to meet you all, such a pleasure. I got cuddles and a lovely big smile from Woody and fell head over heals in love with this handsome, photogenic boy. So glad you had a fabulous day. Can’t wait to meet you all again soon. Dee x Slumbering Hound


  3. Would love a Dogfest South West, but if not, we’ll definitely be going to the South next year! Brilliant blog, and great photos, looks like fun was had by all
    Elly & Fudge x


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