Srumbles Dog Food

Scrumbles is a brand new family run pet food company, inspired by the couple’s dog & cat – Smudge & Boo. We love supporting smaller businesses and watching them grow. They sell dry food for both your dog & cat, I love the fact that you can use the same brand for both pets, something I’ve never done before with my dogs and cat.


It’s Gluten free and Hypoallergenic for those pups that need something delicate on their stomachs. My two dogs tried out the bag – ‘Chicken for Small & Medium Breed dogs’ , this suits dogs over 12 months and up to 25kg.


Their recommended feeding guide not only applies the dogs weight like other brands, but also takes into consideration the activeness of your dogs which I absolutely love. Those of us who have super speedy dogs who are always out doing something need to feed more to keep your dog in tip top shape.


At the minute they only sell 2kg bags, so for those with bigger dogs you’ll need a larger order. But they’re a brand new company so as they grow and have lots of loving customers they’ll be able to bring bigger bags to the shop.

I absolutely love their packaging, simple and clear to read. The bag is also resealable if you don’t transfer your food to a separate container. Remember when changing a dog’s diet do it gradually over a week or so by mixing in your new and existing food; This will prevent any tummy upset.


I asked the Scrumbles team ‘What makes your kibble different to the others on the market?’:

Nutritionally we focus on high animal protein. A lot of brands claim high % of fresh meat but as this is mainly water the protein contribution is small and they have to include other ingredients, often cheaper and nutritionally poor things like pea protein to meet required overall protein levels. Animal protein is what is needed to get the essential amino acids and is what cats and dogs are able to digest fully. Particularly for cats who are obligate carnivores, use of non-meat ingredients is dangerous for them as the vegetable protein is indigestible and doesn’t provide the nutrients they need thus shortening their lives.

There are a lot of sensitive tummies out there and a lot of foods contain allergens that trigger these. Similar to some other brands we are hypoallergenic avoiding typical allergens but go one step further by including live probiotics. Our recipes are also kept very simple, so we have fewer ingredients in the make-up vs other brands. For example, our dog food has 11 ingredients whilst another brands equivalent has 33. We’re avoiding fancy pants ingredients that cater to human trends rather than cats and dogs and focusing on the things that matter. We also avoid all nasties like sugar and salt, additives etc and have lots of the good stuff. Rather than just ticking a box for joint support, we’ve included optimal levels. We have one of the highest inclusions and at the cheapest price. All our recipes are tailored to life stage and breed size as we recognise every cat and dog is different and different sizes have very different nutritional requirements. Finally all our recipes have been approved by Smudge and Boo and taste tested against other brands with a tail wag approval from both

Our ethos is very important to us. We’re committed to being a values driven brand and working with the likes of Born Free federation and DOTs to help improve animal welfare. 10% of all our profits go to these charities as well as food donations and other support. We’re aiming to be the most trusted brand and are completely transparent with everything we do like sharing all % of every ingredient (as legal requirements allow brands to not have to declare this which is how fillers are masked). We do not ingredient split to deceive shoppers and our blog which goes live in a couple of weeks is focused on educating shoppers on pet care and nutrition. We’re super serious about nutrition but want to have lots of fun along the way and this is reflected in our playful tone and fun events we have across the country throughout the year. We want to build happier lives for cats and dogs but also for their families.


So a 2kg bag of dog food is just £11.49 , a good brand if you’re on a budget & it’s a healthy alternative to other cheaper dog foods with goodness knows what ingredients inside. Have a look at their site here to read a bit more or shop for your dogs and cats.


Thank you for reading,

Megan, Woody & Wilma


  1. We met them at a recent dog show, and they were so nice! x
    Love From, Steph & The Spaniels

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  2. Looks scrumptious!

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  3. Fi Lines says:

    Ohhh looks very interesting and sounds yummy!
    Fi & Coops xXx


    1. Thanks for your comment 💕 Your support means so much!


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