Spaniel Proof: Muttley & Martha

The full harness, collar and lead set in ‘Into Space’
I admit I am an absolute collar and lead addict. Any excuse to buy a new collar for the dogs and I’m there – a matching lead too? Even better! If you follow us on Instagram you’ll know one of my favourite pet accessory brands is Muttely & Martha. I’ve absolutely loved this shop right from the beginning [They used to be called Made for Mutts].
Some of the best quality collars and leads we’ve ever had and they’re super long lasting [Doesn’t stop me buying more though!]. We’re also so very excited to have our own 10% discount code for you to add to your basket – just type in WOODYWILMA10 .
The cutest little flower accessories
We asked Charlotte a few questions about Muttley & Martha:
Where do you find inspiration for new products and patterns?
I’m a lover of all things bright and floral. Living in Somerset means we get to explore the countryside which has inspired Muttley and Martha’s first collection.
Resident models Ruby and Martha inspire me to create new products that are not only fashionable but functional and durable, especially for larger breeds.
I’ve got this collar, lead and bandanna set in ‘Florence’
What’s the best thing about being a smaller business?
Being able to produce items that are made to order. Each product is checked to the highest of standards, nothing is mass produced!
Do you have a particular dream for Muttley and Martha in the future?
I’d absolutely love to open a small shop of my own for M&M! Although more and more people are shopping online it’s always so rewarding seeing my customers wearing my produce in real life!
I also have exciting plans coming up, which will be happening this year and will mostly benefit local customers.
On average how long does it take you to make a collar and lead set? Do you have it down to a fine art now? 
A lead and collar set takes approximately 15-20 minutes providing my machines are all set up and ready!
Instagram is such a huge part of the Dog industry now, How big an impact do you think Instagram has had to your business?
Instagram has allowed me to expand my business to levels I didn’t think were possible for years to come! I am now selling worldwide and expanding my stockists all across the UK and even Ireland. I’ve had requests from all over Europe to stock pet shops. Whenever I ask how they heard about M&M, 95% is directed from instagram. I’d say Instagram has really helped my small business to get to where it is today.
You’ll see my dogs in so many of the old range from Made for Mutts, these patterns have since been discontinued so I’m slowly updating the wardrobe with new Muttley & Martha. Charlotte is also owned by two of the most gorgeous boxer girls Martha & Ruby who you can find on Instagram under @boxerdogdiaries.
Have a look on their website and see which designs will suit your pups, and don’t forget to use our 10% off code WOODYWILMA10 – Muttley & Martha Shop.
Thanks for reading,
Megan, Woody & Wilma

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