DogFest 2018


What an amazing weekend we have had at DogFest West in Bristol, the 3rd year we’ve been to DogFest and it was definitely our best yet! We usually go to DogFest South which has been in Windsor and then Knebworth in Hertfordshire so it’s so good to finally have one just down the road.


This was the very first show in Bristol, and it was held in the gorgeous Ashton Court Estate. I was lucky enough to be there both days with the dogs, yet we were so busy there was still so much I’d like to see and more dog companies we could have caught up with. Both the Saturday and Sunday I arrived about 9:15 before the gates opened at 9:30 and it was very quick and easy to get in at that time with no traffic on the roads.

The stands were in one big circle which made it easy to walk around and not miss anyone out. It was lovely to see so many local dog businesses as well as others which had travelled across the country just for DogFest. The weather (Totally out of DogFest’s control) was extremely hot, so our routes around the show were to each shadey spot to give the dogs a rest or via the buckets and pools which Woody loved to submerge himself in. The trade stands that did the best that weekend were definitely the ones selling cooling coats, EasiDri especially as they had closed up half way through Sunday as they’d sold out! Although the trees were mainly outside of the show, we kept popping out the great dog walk entrance so the dogs could relax in the shade without the crowds in the shade underneath the marquees.

An ice cream van just for dogs!

I’ve never seen so many Instagram dogs in one place! Just walking around the show we bumped into so many dogs and their owners and it was so good to finally see them in real life and give their dogs a cuddle. We were invited to the Hound Hangout both days to do a Dogs of Instagram meet & greet. Again this was full of famous pups and it was great being able to chat to all their owners. We also took over the DogFest Instagram page, sharing what we got up to on their Instagram stories which was great fun. If you wanted to see then just head on over to our Instagram, and look under the 2018 shows highlights on our profile.

We finally got to meet @piperthecockapoo

The best bit for us is being able to meet all the amazing companies we have talked to and followed online. Guru Pet Food are only exhibiting at the DogFest shows this year so it was our only chance to see them. We recently handed over our GeekSTAR title and we got to meet the gorgeous Ila who has taken over 😍.


Someone I was incredibly excited to meet was Tabby Rabbit, Tabitha is the most amazingly talented dog loving illustrator and I just adore her work. Not only this but she has such a gorgeous Sprocker Minnie. She actually created the wonderful header on our blog home page, but also has so many beautiful dog themed products, ideal to decorate your home or to give as a gift.


We also caught up with Cotswold Raw which my dogs have recently been trying out, and it was great for them to be able to see the dogs in real life. We’ll be telling you more about this soon!


Then on the Sunday we had a very exciting [and nerve-racking] time filming a few little pieces with the BBC for a mini film we’re doing with them. So we had an interview at the hound hangout then a group chat with some other lovely Instagram account all about growing your dog’s account on Instagram.

IMG_2354 copy.jpg
I just had to add in an extra ‘Y’ to the Guru display

Something we’ve never done before but I loved the opportunity, was we were invited along to judge one of the classes at the RSPCA fun dog show. Wilma was too hot so sat this one out but Woody had a great time coming around the ‘Best Rescue’ class with me chatting to all the dogs and owners listening to their stories.

Two days just flew past in a flash & we have to wait a whole year to do it all over again. DogFest North has already happened in Cheshire but you’ve got one more chance to go by visiting DogFest South at Knebworth house in Hertfordshire.


Thank you for reading,

Megan, Woody & Wilma



  1. I love DogFest Cheshire loads too. Thanks for sharing your DogFest adventure, Woody & Wilma. I’m so following you guys ❤


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