Exploring the Malvern Hills


We were invited to visit the Malverns in Worcestershire, by the Malvern Hills District Council. They’ve created an exciting trail up through the town and ending on the hills; the best thing is it’s all dog friendly!

Up all the steps to the hills

So where do you go? You can easily pick up a map with the route and information about all the spots along the way. It’s also a very factual trail if you wish to read the info along the way. Both on the map and sign posted along the way there are information points sharing the history of the town for you to learn.

To find your way along the route there’s a free ‘Route to the hills’ guide book which you can pick up from the Malvern TIC and Malvern Museum of Local History  or click here to see a bit of the info but the guide book is more useful. There’s a straight line route for you to follow start to finish, but that doesn’t mean you can’t just go to whichever bit you want to. With plenty of car parks shown on the map, or free street parking it isn’t hard to park, we visited in the week so I’m sure it gets a bit busier at weekends with more visitors.


I kept my dogs on the lead through the town to keep them safe as there are lots of people and cars around. However when in the park and once you get to the path for the hills they can run around offlead and explore.


Once out of the town and on our way up to the hills we stopped off at St Anne’s Well cafe, in a beautiful hidden location it’s the perfect pit stop on your way up.

Through the town there are plenty of dog friendly cafes, as well as pubs for you to stop off for something to eat on the way up or down [Or both!].

Give yourself an hour minimum to enjoy the trail, but you can easily take half a day or the whole day to really explore and have a nice walk. I never realised it was so close and it isn’t far off the motorway. We’ll definitely be back and I can’t wait to explore the hills further.


Thank you for the route to the hills team for inviting us along, and remember to let us know if you go along!

Megan, Woody & Wilma



  1. A lovely post and gorgeous dogs! I haven’t visited the Malvern Hills but the area looks really attractive.


  2. Thank you for visiting!


  3. Helen Yendall says:

    this looks great! Will definitely be checking it out with our cocker spaniel (anywhere that’s pheasant-free gets the thumbs-up from us! She is obsessed…!)


  4. Thanks – looks great, we will be checking it out with our spaniel!


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