5 Car essentials for your dog

I’m always on the road with my dogs so making sure we’ve got everything we need is very important. Whether it’s a trip to a new walking spot, a dog show or a job for the dogs; I’m very much an over packer, prepared for any eventuality!


So here are my 5 essentials:  

Road Refresher Bowl – With speedy spaniels I was always carrying around bottles and bowls for water, pouring them out every time I thought they wanted a drink. But then I discovered this non-spill water bowl – a Road refresher. If you know anyone who competes in Dog Sports they’ll definitely have one in their car. There’s a platform floating inside which means any bumps in the road there’s no overflow of water, as well as a curved edge on the lid to avoid spillage. There’s velcro underneath the bowl which helps keep it in place, but I also just swap it between the house and car when I need it as it can be used for both.


Just remember to regularly take it apart and wash it out. Bits of mud, sand etc of the dogs tongues collect underneath the platform so you don’t see how dirty it is. We’ve got the large bowl which are around £12 depending on where you get them from. Mine is over 5 years old and still going strong.

Boot Guard – Wilma has such an annoying habit of jumping through the boot and onto my back seats; even worse when she’s wet and muddy and wants to redecorate the interior of my car. Of course Woody is perfect [In my eyes haha] so would never do such a thing.


Travall recently sent over a custom fitting boot guard and instantly fixed our problem! I no longer have to worry about Wilma jumping through whilst I’m driving along. Another thing is whilst we’re at agility shows I can take one dog out to compete knowing that the other is safely contained in the boot and won’t get up to no good. In the warmer weather I can leave all the windows down to keep the car cool without the danger of the dogs escaping out a window [But I would never leave my dogs in the car on a hot day].


Their boot guards are custom made specifically for the make and model of your car. So there’s no unnecessary gaps or a rattling guard that they can easily break through. Once it’s easily assembled it locks into place in your seats, just as if you were to fold the seats down and put them back up again. The quality of this guard is definitely worth the price, as i’ve had experience of others that are thin and flimsy. Depending on your car these guards are £100 +.

Drying Coat – If I know we’re going somewhere with mud or water then I always go prepared. Drying coats, towels and even our portable washer if needed. But it’s always those walks you’re not prepared they like to surprise you and return to the car a wet mess. If I want to go on a walk and not have to wash the dogs at all i’ll drive to a local common. High up and windy so the ground is dry and there’s not a river in sight…until Woody finds the cow trough! So for emergencies like this I keep a spare Ruff and Tumbles drying coat or Equafleece in the car.


Bed – Especially for long journeys I want the dogs to be comfy too. So a bed or cushion in the boot is just perfect. Obviously space is limited so I prefer something flat that they can sit on, still with space for their water bowl etc. I usually just bring Wilma’s bed from home – an Orthopaedic Cushion from Lords and Labs so it’s good for their joints.


Dog first aid kit – One thing that I hope I will never have to use is a Dog First Aid Kit. But it’s so reassuring to know i’ve got it. If the worst was to happen and the dogs were to hurt themselves whilst we’re out away from home then this dog first aid kit means I can patch them up to go home or on the way to the vets.

This first aid kit from Charlie the Vet has everything you could need in an emergency before going to the vets or to fix minor injuries. https://www.charliethevet.com/products/pet-first-aid-kit

You can get 15% off your first aid kit with the code COTSWOLDSPANIELS

Seat covers – If your dogs can’t fit in the boot or sit on the back seats for whatever reason then you need something to protect your seats from muddy paw prints!


This ‘No Slip Grip Bench Seat Cover’ fits any make and model of car. With multiple straps to properly hold the cover in place it protects all of the upholstery in your car. https://kurgo.uk/products/no-slip-grip-bench-seat-cover

Do you have any of your own dog essentials for the car? We’d love to hear them!


Thanks for reading,

Megan, Woody & Wilma x

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  1. Teagan says:

    I think we have all those things in my transport, except for the dog guard. We had one when the car was new but it rattled so we got them to take it out again. I’m like Woody and never jump over the back seats. Mum’s most essential item is a tupperware container of my favourite stinky tripe sticks – she needs them as bribes when I insist on bringing home a huge stick. The bigger the stick, the bigger the bribe. If there’s no tripe then I spend the journey home shredding the stick which makes a lovely mess!


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