Dog Grooming Aprons

We’ve been huge fans of Lottie’s work over at The Cosy Canine Company for years now, [She was actually one of the first people to know about little Wilma coming along]. We have her crate covers, dog walking bag and even personalised poop bag holders. Of course we need to build our oilcloth collection and next up to try is the wipe clean Aprons.


So we’ve got three colours/patterns to show you. My favourite pattern of hers, Pink Polka Dots, to match our crate cover, dog walking bag & poop bag holder. Such a pretty pattern perfect for the girls. But we’ve also got a dog print to show you. Duck egg blue with tiny spots in between a range of dog breeds, showing everyone just how much you love dogs. Then the 3rd which I was most excited about: An embroidered Grey Polka Dot apron. On many of the Cosy Canine Company Products you can now have them embroidered with whatever you’d like, your dogs name, a funny saying or your company name – and I think it’s such a brilliant idea! On our apron I went for “The Cotswold Spaniels” to be embroidered.


As boring as it sounds Grey and White is actually my favourite colour combination. It goes with everything, if only it were acceptable to walk through the fields with the dogs whilst wearing my apron showing it off to the world. Who knows, maybe it’s the next trend and you’ll see the dogs and I at all the 2019 summer shows with my apron on.


Joking aside, it is a shame that these aprons are only worn in the comfort of your own home because they’re absolutely gorgeous and so well made. Not only can you wear them for baking in the kitchen as they’re wipeable but they also double up as fantastic dog grooming aprons [Probably best not at the same time as you don’t want dog hairs in your cake]. Whenever I wash the dogs they decide that even though I’m fully clothed I also need to have a shower, often I think I’ve got more water on me rather than them. But because these are oilcloth they’re totally waterproof meaning I only got a few splashes on my arms; no need for multiple outfit changes to avoid the wet and dirt from your dogs.


I also like to wear them whilst grooming the dogs. Cutting dogs hair is so much worse than having an itchy top when you’re at the hairdressers yourself. Somehow, and it always baffles me, the tiniest of dog hairs can be found in places you never think have seen a dog before. So unlike soft fabric aprons, no hairs can get through the oilcloth and into your clothes. It also means you don’t have to do the full body lint roller post groom.


So these aprons are £16.95 from The Cosy Canine Company. Why not treat yourself to a new apron for the kitchen or for keeping water and hair free whilst grooming your dogs. Great gifts for birthdays or Christmas coming up, you could have them for the whole family but have everyone’s names embroidered so there’s no confusion. You can get 15% off everything using the code COTSWOLDSPANIELS or just shop through this link and it’s automatically applied for you once you go to the checkout.


Let me know which pattern is your favourite or what you think would be good to have embroidered on the front?

Thanks for reading,
Megan, Woody & Wilma


This post is Sponsored by The Cosy Canine Company

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