Dogstival 2019

Dogstival is a brand new dog show at Pylewell Park in Lymington, New Forest. With it being the very first show we weren’t quite sure what to expect, but their website and social media promised good things so we couldn’t wait to go along!


It’s hard not to compare a new show to other existing dog shows. But they’re all unique in their own way & we must remember that. Dogstival was based in the grounds of the house, and driving there we went through some of the New Forest and the scenery was just gorgeous with the wild ponies providing some alternative traffic jams [No photos of them as I was driving but we’ll just have to go back].


Like all shows I started out with the intention of taking lovely photos on my camera, but in reality I had two dogs and only two hands and they were having so much fun I soon gave up and resorted to the trusty iPhone, normal photos will resume in the next blog!

Something that was really special about the show was the amount of small businesses exhibiting. Trade prices were a bit more reasonable which meant we could meet so many of the companies we’ve bought from and love! I hope this stays the same for next year so even more small businesses can get involved.

Meeting Hannah from Country and Twee with her gorgeous range of products,

Another exciting feature Dogstival offered was their very own beach! I saw lots of people taking the opportunity to let the dogs have an off lead break to run around and have fun.  The dogs all came back wet and mucky like they’d had a great time. I’m not one to keep my dogs looking perfect and always let them have a swim and roll around, but I didn’t fancy the 2 hour drive home with two mucky spaniels so we avoided it this time!

There were all sorts of have a go opportunities from agility to dock diving. That’s if you had any time in-between shopping and the dogs enjoying the treats from every stand. There was a Dog House Behavioural stage, which was set up to look just like a home. Throughout the day there were talks here by Adam Fehmi and other trainers to help owners with problems their dogs may have in the house like separation anxiety, as the home is where so many behavioural problems begin. We also went along to a talk with Anna Webb about Canine nutrition, which was a nice opportunity to chill out with the dogs but also to learn whilst we were there.



All I have heard is positive feedback from both visitors and trade stands about Dogstival, it seems it was a huge success and we loved it. So will you be there next year, as Dogstival will be back on 16th and 17th May 2020?


Thanks for reading,

Megan, Woody & Wilma