The Lounging Hound – Part 2


If you’ve been following us for a little while you may have read a past blog post all about one of The Lounging Hound’s throws [If not read it here]. We loved it so much that we have now written a sequel with some more of their products which they kindly sent us!


This has to be my favourite throw of theirs – The Faux Fur in Silvery Koala. If you know Wilma at all then you’ll know she takes after me and absolutely loves soft fluffy things¬†[She really does LOVE fluff!] so of course we both adore¬†this.



The Lounging Hound deliveries always come in the most beautiful packages, like giant presents! The best thing is that the dogs love having so many boxes and deliveries arriving¬†[Probably because they are usually all for them!]¬†so can’t wait to help me unbox it.



As you can see when we were out shooting these photos it absolutely tipped down with rain, so the only thing we wanted to do was go home and snuggle up on this throw. It is made in a variety of sizes so you can either cover your sofa, or just place it on a certain area for your dog to lie on [Or you to warm up your feet underneath!].


Next up are a new product from The Lounging hound – Wool dog bones. Something quite different from their usual throws and bedding but we love them nonetheless! We received four bones in total, 2 blue & 2 pink; In two different sizes. I decided big ones for Woody & the smaller for Wilma as she only has a tiny mouth!


Toys are a favourite of mine to review because you instantly see the happiness that they bring to your dogs. These bones have squeakers inside which the dogs love squeezing like naughty children whilst i’m trying to work in silence¬†[They know how to get my attention & it works every time!]


My dogs really do put toys to the ultimate tough test. Having been through hundreds of toys I know these bones won’t stand a chance if left alone with them [It’s mainly Woody]¬†when they’re in a destructive mood. But the simple solution is don’t! Most of the time these bones can stay out in their toy box for them to take them as they please and they’ll last forever. They even survive tug of war games between them so they are fairly tough in our standards, but I know when to take them away to protect the toy.



The next product on our wish list is the Sofa Topper which we’ve seen lots of people raving about. Have a look at the ‘The Lounging Hound’ site and let us know which of their products is your favourite!


Thank you for reading,

Megan, Woody & Wilma.

Images by


The Lounging hound kindly gifted us these products, all views are our own.


  1. I love this throw a lot, I’d certainly be using it over Sev & Lily though xx

    Love From, Steph & The Spaniels


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