Christmas Gift Guide [For Dogs]

We could be here until next Christmas if we told you absolutely everything that we’d recommend for gifts for your precious pooches, so we’ve narrowed it down to some of our very favourites.

Each year nearly 80% of pet owners buy gifts for their furry family [And I am definitely one of them!]. So why not treat your dog to something special this Christmas.

Slumbering Hound

If you’ve followed us for a while then you’ll know absolutely how much I love Slumbering Hound. Everything is handmade by Dee, who is owned by her gorgeous Greyhound Aston.


As the weather is getting colder its the perfect excuse to snuggle up at home. Woody has a personalised cushion which they often fight over who gets it. So it was about time Wilma had something of her own. The Deluxe Snuggle sack is such a luxurious gift for your dogs. With two different types of fleece it’s super snuggley just as the name suggests [I wish it was sold in human size so I could have one!]. We have the size Medium which is £55, otherwise there’s the Luxury Snuggle sack with slightly different fleece which is just£45  instead.



My dog’s always adore Wellybix treats! They’re a particular favourite for bedtime biscuits in our household. To fit the festive theme we’d recommend the Cranberry flavour. These bags of treats are £3.35.


Something a bit bigger for you to try is the Bake-a-bone kit. It includes all the ingredients, recipe & a bone shaped cutter for you to bake your own dog biscuits. The perfect gift for you and your dog to bake together  [Obviously your dog will have the very important job of taste testing]. This kit is £9.99.


Ruffle Snuffle

There’s nothing better than a new toy! Some of us really crazy dog people even wrap up new toys just for them to tear the paper off on Christmas morning. These ‘Naughty & Nice‘ festive toys make me laugh, I have a little giggle asking the dogs which one they choose and whether they decide they’re naughty or nice [Obviously they choose the Nice toy when they most definitely are Naughty!]. The fleece bones are £5.50 each.


Another great gift to keep your dogs occupied whilst you’re cooking the Turkey is the Dinky Christmas Ruffle Snuffle Mat. You simply sprinkle treats into the fleece and your dogs will be busy finding them for ages! Even better that it comes in festive tartan colours that can be put in the washing machine at 30 degrees. This Snuffle mat is £12.50.



Earlier in the year we wrote a post all about Gencon which you can read here. They’ve just brought out two new lead designs which we’re very excited about. All dogs love walks, so making it more enjoyable for you to walk your dogs without them pulling is a great christmas gift!


As we go into the winter it often means walking in the dark more often. The Gencon reflective lead enables you to stay safe and be seen at night.


If you own larger or long haired breed there’s also a brand new lead just for you. The extra wide lead sits comfortably across the dogs snout. These leads are both £19.95.


House of Henry


These are the most adorable festive bandanas that make everyone smile when they read them. Designed & printed in house, there are so many wonderful dog products from House of Henry, many which can be personalised! The Christmas collection has a range of products for you to spoil your dogs with.


These bandanas are £8.00 each, but you can get 10% off everything online with the code CTSXMAS2017 until the 17th of December.

Boots & Bones


I’m not ashamed to admit I’m a dog collar addict. So why not add festive patterns to the collection. Boots & Bones new festive range has a collar for every sort of dog! Simple stars for Wilma, and Red reindeer for Woody. You can even get the lead to match!


The collars start at £12.99

Dogs Love Hownd


Of course Winter means a LOT of muddy walks, and of course a lot more post walk baths. Maybe dog shampoo won’t be your dog’s favourite gift to them, but it will certainly be yours. This dry foam shampoo eliminates the need for baths all together! A win win for everyone.

This bottle is £13.00



The Pitpat is the No.1 gadget your dog could need! Think of it as an Fitbit for dogs, this activity monitor records how much running, walking, playing and sleeping your dog does each day. Simply attach it to their collar, download the app on your phone & it syncs over bluetooth. No charging of the battery needed.


If you’ve heard of Pitpats before you’ll be excited to know that they have a brand new V2 coming out just in time for Christmas! We’ve had our paws on them for a while and just couldn’t wait to tell you all about the new version! V2 is out now and you can buy it here, with the new feature of measuring distance. There will also be an exciting app update coming at the end of the month.


The new Pitpat is £49.00.

Huxley Hound

Huxley Hound are one of our favourite new companies that we have discovered this year. They sell a range of dehydrated vegetable treats which my dogs absolutely love! You may recognise them from BBC’s Dragon’s den.


These vegetable treats come in Beetroot, Carrot, Sweet Potato & Parsnip. We’ve even had the humans at dog training trying [And loving] them. A perfect stocking filler for your dogs!

These treats are £3.95 per box


Thank you for reading, we hope we’ve helped you with some ideas to give as gifts to your four legged friends this Christmas. Stay tuned for the next gift guide for dog loving humans.


Megan, Woody & Wilma



  1. Teagan says:

    I think I’ll just put one of everything on my Christmas list! Well, maybe not those leads… I’m a slip lead girl myself, which is just as well because I do like to have a good selection of collars and if I had to have leads to match all my collars I wouldn’t have half as many collars!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Dee Stringer says:

    What a wonderful round up of Christmas goodies and some absolutely stunning photographs of Woody and Wilma. I am so honoured that you have included Slumbering Hound in this fabulous list and so very flattered. They look really cosy in the Snuggle Sack together but I’ll bet Woody doesn’t get a look in! Have a wonderful Christmas.
    Dee x


  3. Nice selection, but me and my terrier don’t think the Dinky Christmas Ruffle Snuffle Mat would last very long in our house. We’re willing to test it to destruction though if a new tester is required. 🙂


    1. It would definitely last as I’ve got some very destructive dogs! You sprinkle treats in it to keep them motivated so they don’t lead to destructive behaviour, would definitely recommend!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Might have to give one a try, but I believe Fidget would ignore the treats and just kill that mat. LOL.


  4. Either way he would get a lot of fun out of it.


    1. Well I’ve just ordered him one, so we shall see how he gets on.


  5. I loved reading this, what a fantastic gift guide!


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