Inspired by Darcy – Gifts for the home

Any breed specific dog decor around the house and i’m there! I’d have spaniel decor on every wall and surface if I could. Inspired by Darcy have a beautiful range of products all with the theme of spaniels and labradors. They sent over some spaniel related goodies for Woody so we can show you.

So for every product they have different colour options. For labradors there are black, brown and yellow; and spaniels in black and brown. There’s also a golden spaniel option in some of their spaniel products with more coming to their store soon.

Chocolate Spaniel Dog Bowl

China dog bowls are so much more hygienic than plastic ones, plus you can easily pop them in the dishwasher [A daily occurrence when you feed RAW!].


The bowl is actually a good size, it will suit all large dogs but smaller ones will have no problem and there’s lots of room for food or water. Around the edge is beautiful art work of spaniels, this is what changes between the colours and breeds.


These bowls are £25 – have a look here


Wooden Chocolate Spaniel

This is something I’ve never seen before; a handmade wooden dog that you can put on top of door or picture frames. There’s a little sticky tab to secure it to the wall to stop it falling off and it’s a great feature on the wall.


These are £15, this one also comes in a golden spaniel & a fox red labrador too! Click here to view them all.


Organic Dog Shampoo

Any dog owner knows the struggles of keeping your pets smelling nice and fresh, especially in the soggy winter months where muddy paws seem to get EVERYWHERE.


The good thing about this is it’s all organic so theirs no hidden nasties and it’s totally safe to use on your dogs. There’s also a puppy option which will be just a little bit gentler on their baby skin. The shampoos and conditioners are £13 each – have a look here.


So we might be getting festive a little early seeing as it’s only August, but there’s no reason these can’t be up in your house all year round! Wherever you hang them you may just want to make sure they are out of reach of any wagging tails, they are china so wouldn’t survive a drop on the floor.


Baubles are £19 – shop here.

I just adore all of these spaniel products, let me know which of their products is your favourite?


Thanks for reading,

Megan, Woody & Wilma


This post is sponsored by Inspired by Darcy



  1. Teagan says:

    Love the wooden spaniel… we have two wooden cats walking over doors but no dogs so I think we should fix that as soon as possible! It’s also good to see a proper working cocker type spaniel, so often you look at spaniel things and they are all like the american cockers or show cockers and we are definitely not like them! With 3 cats I don’t think mum will be spending £19 on any Christmas baubles, lovely though they are, we prefer the cheap and cheerful kind that don’t mind being bounced around the house.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You definitely need to add a dog to your door frames! But yes maybe a good decision to avoid the baubles if you’ve got cats who climb.


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