Join our RAW feeding fortnight

I’m so passionate about people researching and learning what goes into your dog food. Owning a dog is a continuous learning curve, we’re always finding ways to improve our dogs health and lifestyle and their diet is such a huge factor. You’ll have seen on our Instagram and blog that my dogs have been onContinue reading “Join our RAW feeding fortnight”

The best cooling coats for dogs

Summer has begun in the U.K. with the beautiful sunshine making an appearance, and with that comes the influx of messages to me asking which cooling coats I’d recommend. Cooling coats are something which you soak in water and then put on your dogs, they retain the moisture and when pressed against your dogs skinContinue reading “The best cooling coats for dogs”

How to start Dog Agility

Dog agility is a great way to have fun and build your bond with your dog. It is so much fun to train, socialise and even compete within the Agility community. I’ve been lucky enough to compete with Woody at Crufts 3 times with our agility team, and it was the best experience to shareContinue reading “How to start Dog Agility”

Dog Afternoon tea – Widbrook Grange

There are so many beautiful places to have Afternoon tea in the Cotswolds & surrounding area, and many of them you can take your dogs with you. But at Widbrook Grange they can actually join you with their very own Dog afternoon tea. So no more guilt whilst you enjoying your scones as they haveContinue reading “Dog Afternoon tea – Widbrook Grange”

Spaniel Proof Ruffwear:

The dogs and I are always outdoors exploring the countryside, so anything we use needs to be tough, durable and long lasting. This includes getting wet & muddy whilst still keeping my dogs safe and comfortable. A normal walk for us includes fields & woodland, with rivers and lakes along the way. So we putContinue reading “Spaniel Proof Ruffwear:”

Can you RAW feed a puppy?

Getting a puppy comes with so much information you have to ask, which jabs have they had, how old are they etc, but also what do they eat? It’s advised that you carry on feeding the food the breeder gives you whilst they settle in, as you’ve brought them into a new home and environmentContinue reading “Can you RAW feed a puppy?”

Planning your day at Crufts

It’s almost time for the biggest [And best] dog show in the world – Crufts. Each year dogs and dog lovers travel from all across the globe to the NEC in Birmingham. It is like Christmas every day for 4 days and I cannot wait! So whether you’re going for one or all of the days, IContinue reading “Planning your day at Crufts”

2019 Dog Shows

Throughout the year we’re lucky enough to visit so many Dog friendly shows. It’s great fun to get out with the dogs and visit shows across the country, meeting people and their dogs as well as all the shopping with some of our favourite businesses. So plan ahead and see which shows you’d like toContinue reading “2019 Dog Shows”

How to introduce a second dog

I often receive messages asking how I first introduced Woody & Wilma, and whether they got on straight away etc? I think adding a second dog to the family is such a good idea, once you’ve got one dog they’re addictive! So I thought i’d write it all down in a blog post but alsoContinue reading “How to introduce a second dog”