Spaniel Proof: Muttley & Martha

I admit I am an absolute collar and lead addict. Any excuse to buy a new collar for the dogs and I’m there – a matching lead too? Even better! If you follow us on Instagram you’ll know one of my favourite pet accessory brands is Muttely & Martha. I’ve absolutely loved this shop rightContinue reading “Spaniel Proof: Muttley & Martha”

Spaniel Proof : Microfibre Dog Towels

Every Spaniel owner, and probably most dog owners will have a soggy dog problem every so often. Either regular swimming trips in the summer¬†[or all year round in Woody’s case]¬†to keep cool or the post muddy walk¬†[daily]¬†showers in the winter to solve the continuing muddy feet. I seem to have a continuing cycle of towelsContinue reading “Spaniel Proof : Microfibre Dog Towels”