Inspired by Darcy – Gifts for the home

Any breed specific dog decor around the house and i’m there! I’d have spaniel decor on every wall and surface if I could. Inspired by Darcy¬†have a beautiful range of products all with the theme of spaniels and labradors. They sent over some spaniel related goodies for Woody so we can show you. So forContinue reading “Inspired by Darcy – Gifts for the home”

5 ways to keep your dog cool:

We have been lucky enough to have a beautiful heatwave in the U.K. this week which I am sure you have heard talked about endlessly. But of course with extreme weather comes warnings for your pets, this heat can be very dangerous to them and even life threatening. So what can you do to keepContinue reading “5 ways to keep your dog cool:”

Spaniel Proof: Muttley & Martha

I admit I am an absolute collar and lead addict. Any excuse to buy a new collar for the dogs and I’m there – a matching lead too? Even better! If you follow us on Instagram you’ll know one of my favourite pet accessory brands is Muttely & Martha. I’ve absolutely loved this shop rightContinue reading “Spaniel Proof: Muttley & Martha”

Spaniel Proof : Microfibre Dog Towels

Every Spaniel owner, and probably most dog owners will have a soggy dog problem every so often. Either regular swimming trips in the summer¬†[or all year round in Woody’s case]¬†to keep cool or the post muddy walk¬†[daily]¬†showers in the winter to solve the continuing muddy feet. I seem to have a continuing cycle of towelsContinue reading “Spaniel Proof : Microfibre Dog Towels”